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Members of the Nevada Legislature are seeking to pass AJR 6, which would implement the “National Popular Vote” (NPV), an unconstitutional assault on our federalist and republican form of government.

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URGENT: On April 17, the Nevada State Assembly passed AJR 6 by a 27-14 vote. This resolution has been sent to the Senate for consideration. Contact your senator and urge him or her to oppose this dangerous and subversive bill!

Members of the Nevada Legislature are seeking to pass legislation that would award Nevada’s electoral votes to whichever candidate wins the “National Popular Vote.”

Assembly Joint Resolution No. 6 (AJR 6) would enter Nevada into the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact (NPVIC). The NPVIC has a serious risk of becoming law in Nevada; it passed the Assembly in 2009, and it passed both the Assembly and Senate in 2019 — it only failed because the governor vetoed it.

The NPVIC is an interstate agreement intended to subvert the Electoral College, which is established in Article II, Section 1, of the U.S. Constitution. Rather than awarding electors based on the winner of each individual state’s popular vote, the NPVIC seeks to award the electors of the states that belong to the compact to whichever candidate wins the national popular vote.

Under the agreement, the NPVIC would only go into effect when the total number of member states’ electoral votes reaches 270 — the minimum needed for an individual to be elected president. Currently, the NPVIC’s members account for 195 electoral votes, and Nevada’s potential entry would add another six. This compact is dangerously close to becoming reality.

The NPVIC must be opposed as it is unconstitutional and an assault on the Electoral College and, more broadly, our federalist and republican form of government.

Implementation of the NPVIC would subvert both the Electoral College and our federalist system of government. Contrary to what many leftists and self-described “conservatives” claim, the United States is not a democracy, nor did the Founding Fathers want it to be so.

Counter-majoritarian institutions like the Electoral College, in addition to the U.S. Senate and Bill of Rights, illustrate this fact. They exist both to protect limited government and individual rights from the “tyranny of the majority” and also to preserve the sovereignty of both small and large states.

Abolishing the Electoral College is part of the push to turn the United States into a democracy and a unitary state — and, by extension, purge it of its national sovereignty, identity, and constitutionally protected liberties. By causing presidential elections to be decided based on the national popular vote without any regard for individual state preferences, the NPVIC would effectively accomplish all of the purposes listed in the previous sentence without actually amending the Constitution. This is why it is such a dangerous idea at odds with the Constitution and the Founders’ vision and underscores the need to oppose AJR 6.

Urge your state senator to reject the unconstitutional and subversive NPVIC by opposing AJR 6.

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Please help stop the replacement of the Electoral College with the National Popular Vote by contacting your state senator. Inform him or her of the Electoral College's importance and how it strengthens Nevada's influence over presidential elections. Also inform them of how our country was designed as a federal republic and not as a democracy or unitary state.

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