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Members of the Oklahoma Legislature are seeking to enact HB 1633, which would help protect citizens from Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs).

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URGENT: HB 1633 passed the Oklahoma House by a 79-11 vote. However, this important bill is still pending in the Senate. Contact your state senator and urge him or her to support this bill!

Members of the Oklahoma Legislature are seeking to enact legislation that would help protect citizens from Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs).

House Bill No. 1633 (HB 1633), titled the “Cash Protection Act,” is sponsored by Representative Clay Staires (R-Skiatook), along with two other representatives and two senators.

If enacted, HB 1633 would require government agencies and “businesses providing basic needs” — including grocery stores, utilities, pharmacies, and insurance companies — to accept cash as payment. Such government agencies and businesses would be banned from requiring customers to pay using credit cards or a CBDC. This would protect Oklahomans from a CBDC.

HB 1633 comes as state legislatures consider legislation pushed by the Uniform Law Commission (ULC) that would pave the way for a CBDC by banning free-market cryptocurrencies.

Dangers of a Central Bank Digital Currency

A digital currency is a major and imminent threat to Americans’ liberty and privacy — and the Federal Reserve, White House, and Treasury Department are already taking steps to implement one in the United States.

A CBDC would amount to a major expansion of government power, allowing it to restrict our personal freedoms and implement its leftist agenda with no opposition. A digital currency would be centrally controlled by the Federal Reserve, allowing it to oversee all our transactions and thus obliterating privacy and anonymity.

Additionally, the Federal Reserve would be able to set the rules for a digital currency — it could prevent Americans from using it for transactions that the Fed’s leaders and other globalist elites dislike.

Not so long ago, we saw the Canadian government shut down the bank accounts of pro-freedom demonstrators, and Big Tech companies prevent electronic payments in Russia. If a digital currency is implemented, these displays of draconian government power against its political opponents, or those with “unacceptable views,” will intensify exponentially.

If a digital currency is implemented, it would be on a global level rather than just a national level. For example, as of March 2022, nine countries have already implemented digital currencies while 78 others are considering it. Furthermore, at the 2022 World Government Summit, globalist “experts” called for the creation of a global digital financial system.

Last, but not least, the Deep State has been planning a digital currency for many years due to the control over people that it would gain. In fact, a digital currency is a crucial component of the Great Reset plan to control humanity. Covid-19 provided an excuse for it to accelerate those plans.

Ultimately, Oklahoma must fully restore sound money within its borders — including nullifying the Federal Reserve, recognizing gold and silver as legal tender, and creating a state bullion depository — in pursuance with Article I, Section 10 of the U.S. Constitution. However, stopping a CBDC is an important step toward preventing totalitarian control over all Americans. Accordingly, urge your state senator to support HB 1633.

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CBDC Digital Currencies: A Recipe for Global Slavery

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Please help pass HB 1633 by contacting your state legislators. Inform them of the threat that a digital currency poses to our liberty and privacy, and also inform them of the Constitution's provisions related to monetary policy and the dangers of the Federal Reserve.

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