Support AB 21 & SB 26 to Clean Up Wisconsin’s Voter Rolls

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Members of the Wisconsin Legislature are seeking to enact AB 21 and SB 26, which would clean up Wisconsin’s voter rolls in a big step toward ensuring election integrity.

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Members of the Wisconsin Legislature are seeking to enact legislation to clean up Wisconsin’s voter rolls, a big step toward ensuring election integrity.

Assembly Bill 21 (AB 21) and Senate Bill 26 (SB 26) are sponsored by Representative Ty Bodden (R-Hilbert) and Senator André Jacque (R-DePere), along with 21 other representatives and eight other senators.

If enacted, AB 21 and SB 26 would reform Wisconsin’s voter-registration list, maintained by the Wisconsin Elections Commission (WEC), to remove voters who become ineligible to vote for any reason. WEC also would be required to keep a permanent record of the voters’ removal that lists the date and reason for removal. AB 21 and SB 26 would remove 3.6 to 3.8 million ineligible voters from Wisconsin’s voter rolls.

Under current law, if a voter becomes ineligible to vote, WEC simply changes the voter’s status from “eligible” to “ineligible,” but the voters aren’t removed from the voter rolls. This is dangerous because these voters can be quickly and quietly “reactivated” by individuals committing fraud who then request an absentee ballot before deactivating the voters.

AB 21 and SB 26 implements an important election-integrity recommendation of The John Birch Society: “Clean Up Voter Registration Lists.” In order to have genuine election integrity, we must ensure that those who vote are whom they claim to be. However, an election system where it’s easy to vote under someone else’s identity can be completely overtaken by fraud.

If our constitutional Republic is to survive, it is imperative that our election system is trustworthy. Urge your state representative and senator to support AB 21 and SB 26 and to do whatever necessary to ensure that real election integrity is achieved in Wisconsin.

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Please help enact AB 21 and SB 26 by contacting your state legislators. Urge them to ensure these bills are enacted, and tell them to boldly fight for fully-secure and trustworthy election policies.

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