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Members of the Nebraska Legislature are seeking to enact LB 228 and LB 230, which would go a long way toward ensuring the integrity of Nebraska elections.

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URGENT: The Government, Military and Veterans Affairs committee has scheduled a hearing for LB 228 and LB 230 on Wednesday, March 1, at 1:30 pm CT. The hearing will be held in Room 1507 of the Nebraska State Capitol.

The John Birch Society encourages you to attend this hearing and to testify in favor of both of these critical election-integrity bills. To submit written, online comments to the committee, CLICK HERE (scroll down to March 1 hearing and click “Submit Comment Online” for both bills).

Members of the Nebraska Legislature are seeking to enact election-integrity legislation that would go a long way toward ensuring the integrity of Nebraska elections.

Legislative Bill 228 (LB 228) is sponsored by Senator Steve Erdman (R-Bayard). If enacted, this bill would require voters to vote in-person at their local polling place on Election Day. Furthermore, LB 228 would implement Voter ID and require ballots to be counted at the precinct level. The bill would also make Election Day a state holiday.

Under LB 228, the only people allowed to vote early or by mail would be members of the Armed Forces and nursing-home workers, so long as their envelopes are postmarked before Election Day.

Additionally, Legislative Bill 230 (LB 230) has also been introduced, also by Senator Erdman. If enacted, this bill would implement Voter ID, abolish mail-in voting, and enact other reforms to strengthen election security.

LB 228 and LB 230 implement many of The John Birch Society’s election-integrity recommendations. Enacting these bills — especially their provisions requiring in-person voting at a local precinct on Election Day only, with Voter ID — would go a long way toward restoring election integrity in Nebraska.

If our constitutional Republic is to survive, it is imperative that our election system is trustworthy. Urge your state senator to support LB 228 and LB 230 and to do whatever necessary to ensure that real election integrity is achieved in Nebraska.

Although we provide a way to easily email legislators, we know from long experience that it takes a lot more interaction with your legislators to get your point across than that provided by emails alone.

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Please help enact LB 228 and LB 230 by contacting your state senator. Urge them to ensure these bills are enacted, and tell them to boldly fight for fully-secure and trustworthy election policies.

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