Anarchy & America

Anarchy & America by the John Birch Society
Anarchy & America exposes the tactics used by communists and radicals to incite civil unrest for the purpose of destroying America and ushering in global collectivism. In each episode, Host Christian Gomez discusses a specific subversive strategy with an expert guest. Christian Gomez is the research project manager at The John Birch Society. Watch it on Video

Create Semblance of Revolution: Parallel Chaos-USA & Chile | Anarchy & America

January 16, 2022 Episode

Christian Gomez interviews JBS Field Coordinator Leah Southwell, who previously lived in Santiago, Chile, to discuss the country’s on-going socialist revolution and how the agitators and socialists in Chile are demanding a new constitution. Leah correlates the desire for a new constitution in Chile to the Article V convention of states movement in the United States and how if conservatives and patriots are not vigilant, communists and socialists will likely highjack an Article V constitutional convention to enact their desired socialist changes.


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