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Constitution Corner is a John Birch Society podcast that measures government actions up against the Constitution. Host Robert Owens, a former trial lawyer and prosecutor, helps listeners understand the policies and proposals that hurt Americans and offers practical solutions to combat bad policies. Robert Owens is a John Birch Society field coordinator who spent two decades as an attorney. While in private practice, Robert won two cases in the Ohio Supreme Court on election integrity. He’s a political evangelist with a mission to bring others the message of freedom. Watch it on Video

Does Putin Really Support Christianity? | Constitution Corner

March 17, 2022 Episode

With mainstream news constantly pushing their agenda, discerning what is accurate reporting can be tricky. Since the Russian invasion of Ukraine, there have been those in the liberty community coming out to defend Putin. Usually, they’re touting his support for Christianity. In addition, claiming that all the negative press about Putin is just more misinformation. So who is right? Find out on this episode of Constitution Corner. 

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1.) Read about the Russia conspiracy from a Soviet KGB defector in “New Lies for Old”

2.) Prevent Unconstitutional Wars– Get US Out! of NATO