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Constitution Corner is a John Birch Society podcast that measures government actions up against the Constitution. Host Robert Owens, a former trial lawyer and prosecutor, helps listeners understand the policies and proposals that hurt Americans and offers practical solutions to combat bad policies. Robert Owens is a John Birch Society field coordinator who spent two decades as an attorney. While in private practice, Robert won two cases in the Ohio Supreme Court on election integrity. He’s a political evangelist with a mission to bring others the message of freedom. Watch it on Video

U.S. Meddling Gone Too Far? | Constitution Corner

April 6, 2023 Episode

900 U.S. Troops are being attacked in Syria by Pro-Iran Forces with rockets.  The U.S. responded with drone strikes.  All of this happening, without a Congressional vote to Declare War.  Are we meddling in places we shouldn’t?  The Founding Fathers would likely say YES! 

Find out why in this episode of Constitution Corner.

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