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Constitution Corner is a John Birch Society podcast that measures government actions up against the Constitution. Host Robert Owens, a former trial lawyer and prosecutor, helps listeners understand the policies and proposals that hurt Americans and offers practical solutions to combat bad policies. Robert Owens is a John Birch Society field coordinator who spent two decades as an attorney. While in private practice, Robert won two cases in the Ohio Supreme Court on election integrity. He’s a political evangelist with a mission to bring others the message of freedom. Watch it on Video

What You Owe on the New Spending Bill | Constitution Corner

August 19, 2021 Episode

Congress has passed a $1 Trillion dollar infrastructure bill called H.R.3684 and now the House Democrats have their eyes on $3.5 Trillion more. This includes money for things like roads, bridges, water systems, broadband and more.

But hidden within it are billions of dollars for pork projects that have little to do with infrastructure. Some of the low-lights include Civilian Climate Corp, Sustainable Houses, making school lunches “Greener” and more. With all these extras, it would equate to each taxpayer owing $7,904.52. Join Robert Owens to find out what we’ll be paying for.

Action Items:

Stop both the “Bipartisan” H.R.3684 and the $3.5 Trillion “Infrastructure” bill that is loaded with Leftist pork. Contact your U.S. Representatives and Senators and tell them “NO” on both of these bills.

If you need help contacting your Legislators we can help! Locate them here.

Find out how your Legislators voted at The New American Freedom Index.

Read the White House fact sheet to find out for yourself what the costs are and where the money will be spent.

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