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Constitution Corner is a John Birch Society podcast that measures government actions up against the Constitution. Host Robert Owens, a former trial lawyer and prosecutor, helps listeners understand the policies and proposals that hurt Americans and offers practical solutions to combat bad policies. Robert Owens is a John Birch Society field coordinator who spent two decades as an attorney. While in private practice, Robert won two cases in the Ohio Supreme Court on election integrity. He’s a political evangelist with a mission to bring others the message of freedom. Watch it on Video

Why American Rights are Eroding

December 8, 2022 Episode

Life wasn’t always so tightly regulated in America. For example, back in 1964, “free speech zones” on college campuses were definitely not a thing. It would have been scoffed at, since all of America was a “free speech zone.”

Now fast forward to today. There have been instances where students on college campuses, here in America, have been detained by law enforcement for handing out copies of the U.S. Constitution to fellow students without having applied for prior permission.

The John Birch Society founder Robert Welch predicted this patient gradualism from totalitarians would erode at our American rights. Find out how this erosion has been happening over the years on this episode of Constitution Corner.

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