JBS Bulletin: December 2021

Pending Legislation

Legislative Action Alerts on

by Peter Rykowski, Research Associate

Go to to find our full lists of “Federal Legislative Action Alerts” and “State Legislative Action Alerts.” You can also click on “Contact Elected Officials,” which is listed on the same “Legislative Alerts” page, to find contact information for your representative and senators in Congress and your state legislators. Additionally, you can subscribe to federal legislative alert text updates by texting “JBS” to 1-800-527-8721.

Support Get US Out! of the United Nations (contact your congressmen)

Go to to contact your U.S. representative and senators, and urge them to reintroduce and support the “American Sovereignty Restoration Act,” which would withdraw U.S. membership in the UN.

Support H.R. 3860 to End Tyrannical Military Vaccine Mandate (contact your congressmen)

Go to to contact your U.S. representative and senators in support of H.R. 3860, which would end the U.S. Armed Forces’ tyrannical and senseless vaccine mandate for service members. Urge them to oppose the establishment of a biomedical security state and to instead follow the Constitution and respect our individual, God-given freedoms.

Oppose “Vaccine Passports” and Forced COVID-19 Vaccinations (contact your congressmen, state legislators, and governor)

Contact your federal and state officials and urge them to repeal every existing vaccine mandate and passport requirement and to oppose any new ones. Furthermore, tell them to preserve current religious, philosophical, and medical exemptions for vaccinations and, wherever possible, to add to or expand those exemptions. Especially for state legislators and governors, urge them to nullify unconstitutional federal mandates through nullification under Article VI of the Constitution. For more details, go to

Conduct Full Forensic Election Audits (contact your state legislators)

It is imperative that states conduct full forensic audits of the 2020 election and establish robust processes to audit future elections. Please go to to contact your state legislators. Inform them of the areas in state law that make elections vulnerable to fraud, and how a forensic audit would help resolve these vulnerabilities. Furthermore, urge them against conducting a “fake” or watered-down audit that does not adequately determine the extent of election fraud.

Support Election Integrity in Congress (contact your congressmen)

Please contact your U.S. representative and senators in support of restoring election integrity. Urge them to block legislation, including the unconstitutional “For the People Act” (H.R. 1, S. 1, and S. 2093), “John R. Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act” (H.R. 4), and “Freedom to Vote Act” (S. 2747) that enable fraud. Furthermore, tell them to repeal existing laws that undermine election integrity and — working within constitutional boundaries — to enact substantive safeguards. For more information, go to

Support Defund Public Schools (contact your state legislators and governor)

Public schools in the United States are beyond repair. Accordingly, state legislatures and governors should take action to end all support for any government school — and any other institution — that indoctrinates children against Americanist and Judeo-Christian principles. For more details, go to

Support Stop Article V Convention Applications (contact your state legislators)

Go to to urge your state legislators to oppose all Article V Convention applications. Additionally, if your state already has an active Article V Convention application, urge your legislators to rescind it.

Support Nullification to Enforce the Constitution (contact your state legislators)

Nullification, rooted in Article VI of the Constitution, is the Founders’ solution to an out-of-control federal government. Urge your state legislators to pursue strong bills that uphold the U.S. Constitution and nullify unconstitutional federal laws and edicts. Many realistic methods exist for legislators to pursue. For more information, go to