JBS Bulletin: December 2021


Cut ’Em Off at the Pass

by Eli Komai, Field Coordinator for Southern California

It’s easy for us to forget about how the enemies of liberty are scaring others into submission. Since we have been given a “nose” for the truth and a “filter” for lies, we can often handle fearmongering better than most! The enemy spreads lies continuously; those caught unaware have aspects of their lives subject to and controlled by falsehood. The intense fear created by the COVID-19 and “climate change” hysterias is a prominent example of this.

When interacting with and educating those we wish to bring alongside us, we can oftentimes come off as out-of-touch. After all, the reality they are subject to may differ greatly from the world we operate in. I strive to keep this in mind, especially as I grow and learn more.

The falsehood and fear that dominates the personal views of our prospects should be dispelled and destroyed as a first order of business. This will pave the way for more meaningful and rapid progress down the road. Far too often, I have “put the cart before the horse” when working with friends and family who have been neutralized by such fears or false solutions, offering them an article or video on a favorite subject of theirs only to learn that national media have trodden that soil first. The enemy may own the airwaves and the streets, but we still have agency over the personal interaction between us and those within our sphere of influence. Use this to your advantage to get them away from the falsehood and fear.

How do we liberate those in our lives? How do we dispel such falsehoods? As with many of the problems that Birchers address, we call attention to the root of the problem and focus our efforts on that root. In some cases, people have adopted national media into their daily routines. Others are bound by the court of public opinion present on social media. Some are even following along with a false tone set forth by corrupted governing bodies, at workplaces, or at public agencies.

The solution: slowly wean friends off deceptive or otherwise unfruitful pursuits, supplanting those with meaningful sources, interactions, and activities. Use the “Action Summary” recommendations to guide your efforts. By being active and persistent, we can, and will, impact the lives of others and, by extension, our great nation.


• Recall and reflect on the “100/10/6” program for influencing others and growing our numbers. Rewatching The Power of 500 can prove instrumental in this regard: (

• Reflect on how necessary it is to dutifully “shave away” at shackles that may be binding our friends and ourselves. Consider these obstacles, write them down somewhere, and contemplate how they can be overcome.

• Reach out to nearby Birchers to address the obstacles nearest you. Even with all the facts and figures, this battle ultimately boils down to people, and we should not leave anyone behind.