JBS Bulletin: December 2021

Stop the New World Order

The Real Agenda Behind the UN’s COP26 Climate Conference

by John F. McManus, President Emeritus

In some ways, the COP26 conference, held in early November in Glasgow, Scotland, was predictable. World leaders warned about a pending climate catastrophe while using their carbon-spewing private jets to get to and from the event. Other aspects were more sinister; for example, 80 countries, including the United States, endorsed a plan to integrate national power grids — undermining national sovereignty — in the name of fighting climate change.

But to grasp the full meaning of COP26, one must understand the threat to freedom posed by the United Nations, among other international groups. COP26 is the 26th annual UN-arranged gathering of representatives of the world’s nations to study and devise solutions to what was originally termed “global warming” and is now addressed as “climate change.” COP stands for “Conference of Parties,” the original name of the annual gathering.

The media and the Deep State have relentlessly drilled the “climate crisis” narrative into the public’s thinking, so much so that many now accept it as fact. But many climatologists disagree that human activity, such as the burning of fossil fuels, is causing an increase in the Earth’s temperature. Furthermore, they and others note that carbon dioxide is needed to grow food and has never been a threat to mankind’s survival.

A hard look at what COP26 is really designed to accomplish will reveal it to be a promotion of international control of human activity that ultimately will enslave the world’s people. It’s that simple and that sinister.

There are, unfortunately, real threats to freedom being promoted by the UN and its associated organizations. These include depopulation programs; the COVID-19 pandemic, an opportunity to establish full control over humanity; and destruction of fundamental civilized mores via abortion, alteration of sexual identity, breakup of families, drug usage, indecent dress, abandonment of religion, and declining language standards. What was untouchable only decades ago is now targeted by governments, media giants, educationists, religious innovators, and others. Entire pillars of society are under attack, and the underminers of what has always been characterized as both normal and good are winning a culture war that only a few understand is even raging — and only another few are determined to stop the descent into planned barbarism. This has to change!

The following named individuals are actual promoters of this conspiracy: President Joe Biden has adopted the UN’s “Build Back Better” slogan popularized by promoters of the Great Reset scheme. Henry Kissinger proudly admitted his awareness that COVID-19 would be used to control Americans. Dr. Anthony Fauci has been lying about sending U.S. taxpayers’ money to fund the Chinese laboratory where COVID-19 likely was created. John Kerry is a financial investor in a Chinese slave labor factory making solar panels used to fight “climate change.” Bill Gates has earmarked some of his fortune to back depopulation schemes. Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, and others are working feverishly to enact programs that will destroy the U.S. dollar’s value. These are only some of the individuals whose efforts are leading to destruction of our nation and cancellation of the way of life of a once-free people.

The real question is this: What can be done in response? The answer starts with showing enough fellow Americans that the UN isn’t a peace-loving or beneficent organization. It is, and always has been, a launching pad for most of what is plaguing our nation. Would getting out of the UN solve all of the problems listed above? No, but that one step would signal a strong beginning of the needed dismantling of what is being shoved down the throats of decent people. There is a silent majority who don’t want what is occurring and what is planned for the immediate future by the UN, Great Reset promoters, and enemies of the goodness and success of our nation. If this first step to stop the slide into barbarism can be achieved, we will have broken the back of the conspiracy that is behind the kinds of destruction mentioned above.

So, start planning your own local “Get US Out! of the UN” campaign. Set up a table at a convention, market, or other busy place. You will likely be surprised to find that many fellow Americans already agree that the U.S. should leave the UN. These Americans know “something is wrong” and that correction is needed.

The John Birch Society can accomplish its long-standing goal to have Congress pull our nation out of the UN’s clutches, preferably by passing the American Sovereignty Restoration Act. If we intensify our efforts to educate the electorate and to influence our officials, we can and will succeed in untangling our nation from this and other threats to freedom.


• Set up a table or hold an event to educate Americans on the threat to liberty posed by the United Nations. Visit for resources you can use to accomplish this.