JBS Bulletin: December 2021

The New American


by Larry Greenley, Associate Editor, The New American

Trumpworld is something unprecedented from The New American. It is not just another “special report” that contains the same number of pages (48) that a regular issue has, only with all the editorial pages devoted to one topic, such as the North American Union or Agenda 2030.

In contrast, this special collector’s edition of TNA is comprised of 96 pages, twice the usual number, with no ads and with an average of two-thirds of each page devoted to photos — which makes it a real page-turner and outreach educational tool.

What Trumpworld Is About

By now you’re probably wondering what Trumpworld is about. Here’s how TNA editor Gary Benoit describes the Trumpworld movement in the opening article, “An Honest Look at Trumpworld”:

Trumpworld is an unstoppable political movement that propelled a political outsider into the White House despite the wrath of the entrenched insiders who have long operated the levers of power in both government and the media. Furthermore, we firmly believe, this extraordinary political movement will ultimately prevail in the restoration of America, regardless of what happens to Trump.

As the above quote reveals, Trumpworld is more about the political movement that led to Trump’s election to the presidency than it is about Trump himself, and is more about the confidence we have that the movement will restore freedom in America than it is about all the dangers to freedom that we face. President Trump himself was imperfect, as we saw with certain issues such as the globalist USMCA and Operation Warp Speed, but the movement behind him is genuine and has real potential to restore our country.

Here’s another statement regarding what Trumpworld is about, by TNA publisher Dennis Behreandt:

[The] Trumpworld [movement] seems poised to create an unprecedented inflection point in American politics in the future as it reacts to the rapid leftward lurch of the Biden administration. This special collector’s edition of The New American commemorates the world-historical proportions and importance of the Trumpworld mass movement, its achievements in placing Donald Trump into the Oval Office, and the implications of its continuing influence on American life in the near future.

If you think about what is being said about the Trumpworld movement in the above quote, you’ll begin to realize that it has been created by many decades of Birchers and their allies educating the electorate. We Birchers have a lot of sweat equity in the Trumpworld movement, and we need to leverage this equity into a restoration of freedom in America. A good way to do this is by getting Trumpworld into the hands of your JBS prospects and opinion molders.

How to Get Copies of Trumpworld

As this is being written in early November, we won’t get delivery of our first copies of Trumpworld for another week or so. We have arranged to sell Trumpworld at certain newsstands, such as bookstores; however, the greatest number of Trumpworld issues will doubtless be distributed by JBS members and TNA subscribers.

We have prudently ordered a relatively small initial stock of Trumpworld; however, we are cautiously optimistic that it will be very popular and that we will be forced to order many reprintings.

Trumpworld is only available as a printed version. Go to to order your copy. We have priced a single copy at $14.99 in accordance with the pricing of publications of similar size and quality on newsstands. However, we have established favorable discounts for multiple-copy orders, with our lowest price of $6.25 a copy for 80 or more.


• Order at least one copy of Trumpworld and read it to see how you could use it to help restore freedom in America.

• Order multiple copies of Trumpworld and distribute them to your JBS prospects and opinion molders in your community. Follow up to recruit them into membership. n