JBS Bulletin: January 2022


Growing Our Influence in 2022

by William S. Hahn, Chief Executive Officer

Ushering in a new year should always be exciting, brimming with plans to achieve specific goals. Birching should be no different. We begin with the end in mind: to live life freely with government protecting your rights (its intended function!). You’re free to succeed or fail on your own accord without government meddling. Freedom and prosperity can only truly flourish in a well-balanced republic with engaged citizens keeping checks on local, state, and federal usurpations of power.

As we know, goals don’t attain themselves, so we must be actively working our plan of creating and expanding an educated electorate. Individuals acting alone have little chance to make the impact that an organized effort can attain. By focusing on specific items in our agenda, we can make greater gains as an organization. These specific items are prioritized according to the greatest threats to our personal freedom and country’s independence.

What are our greatest threats? They are the action items we bring to you each month. We ask you to make these a focus in your monthly activities. To best achieve this, members should belong to an active chapter. Active chapters meet each month to plan local outreach activities. These activities can be any number of things, including neighborhood literature distribution; hosting booths at community events; participating in parades; and hosting video or educational workshops using our Overview of America video, “Constitution Is the Solution”seminar, and other resources. Additional ideas can be found on page 8 of the November 2020 JBS Bulletin (archived in the JBS Member’s Area on

These activities throughout the month should help support the monthly focus as found in the JBS Bulletin. If you’re not part of an active chapter, please place a priority on attending or creating one. Your Coordinator can help; contact him or her through under the “Act Now” tab. In certain areas of the country, home-chapter members can expect to receive a call or email from our Field Officers. This “new” position is actually a reinstatement from many decades ago when JBS HQ had dedicated staff members actively reaching out to home-chapter members to help them stay active and create chapters.

Chapters provide the structure and teamwork essential for successful Birching. The more active members are in the community, the more robust recruiting will be, as many hands make light work. As we mentioned last month, the most active and successful chapters are seeing lots of progress with the 100/10/6 program and continuous “Constitution Is the Solution” workshops. Our video The Power of 500 will help guide you.

Try not to get too caught up in the coming midterms. One of top threats to our country is state legislatures applying to Congress to call an Article V constitutional convention. Given historical precedence, when a convention is convened, it not only has the power to “suggest changes,” but can also change the ratification method itself. This happened during the 1787 Constitutional Convention, which replaced the Articles of Confederation with the Constitution. Can you imagine what would happen today if the radical Left or RINOs in Congress called a convention? Unfortunately, we’re often fighting our “friends” in this battle, but it’s important to remember that our battle isn’t Republican versus Democrat. It’s freedom versus tyranny, and we must stand up for freedom.

Please continue to focus your attention on the local and state levels, while building your educated electorate (taking responsibility for informing others about important issues through the many materials JBS produces, and working on recruiting them for membership). Our theory of the power of 500 is that, when there are 500 constitutional activists in a congressional district, they have the influence to sway all elections toward more informed candidates who will obey the Constitution. This doesn’t happen through political party affiliation.

Another threat to our country is the tyranny created by the government response to COVID-19. The “pandemic” hasn’t necessarily been one of illness. Rather, the true pandemic is a pandemic of government and its overreactions, sweeping away our liberties, freedom, and common-sense healthcare practices. Members have had some real impact on state legislation and nullification efforts that provided immediate relief in many areas. While it appears that the court system may stop most of the federal vaccine mandates (though there’s no guarantee), we need to continue educating elected officials, authorities, and the business community on the tool of nullification.

Build Back Better is another top threat emanating out of Washington, D.C. Much of the radical environmental and climate agenda ties back to the United Nations’ drive to control all people and resources through world government. Getting the United States out of the United Nations would be a huge blow to the globalist elites, as much of the UN’s support would dry up. For the first time in many years, a bill getting us out of the UN has not been introduced in the U.S House of Representatives. Let’s put on a full-court press this year to get the American Sovereignty Restoration Act introduced in both houses, with many sponsors.

Finally, election integrity must be restored to ensure confidence in an already-shaken system. States have made some inroads toward audits, but related election integrity legislation has been watered down in many instances. See Kurt Hyde’s article “Restoring Election Integrity” on page 8 of this Bulletin for further details and suggested actions, including holding coordinated Legislative Action Days at your state capitol to help educate elected officials and their staffs on the issues and tools they can use, especially nullification through Article VI. Our booklet on Article VI, The Founders’ Brilliant Solution to Big Government, along with the October 4, 2021 issue of The New American detailing how mandates can be nullified, would be of most help.

This new year can certainly be one of great success, depending on what we can do together. Watch, the Bulletin, and our weekly email newsletter to stay up-to-date on all the new tools that we’ll be rolling out this year. All of these are to help you and your Birching efforts as our organization continues to gain steam and greatly influence the trajectory of this country. Progress toward the mission of JBS has never been more important. Thank you for being part of it; let’s see what we can accomplish together in 2022.