JBS Bulletin: January 2022

Freedom Is the Cure

Nullify the Deep State’s Vaccine Mandate Bluff!

by Larry Greenley, TNA Associate Editor

The combination of bluff and deception, not actual total strength, is still the key to most of the Communists’ gains for themselves, and to the losses inflicted on their opponents.

— Robert Welch, December 1963 JBS Bulletin

As Robert Welch pointed out nearly 60 years ago, “the combination of bluff and deception” is the key to most of the communists’ gains. That observation applies equally well to the Deep State, which has aided and abetted the communists and worked with them to build the new world order. The entire COVID-19 “plandemic” tyranny has been imposed on Americans through bluff and deception.

One of the Deep State’s main bluffs is that the thoroughly unconstitutional federal and state vaccine mandates are constitutional. And, the Deep State’s deceptions regarding COVID-19 include their endless lies about the safety and efficacy of the COVID vaccines.

The good news is that our members and allies have already been busy in many states influencing state legislators to introduce and pass legislation to nullify federal and state vaccine mandates. Even NPR published a report on November 22 that stated: “Conservative lawmakers in Florida, Iowa, Kentucky, Tennessee, Wyoming and North Dakota have already completed special sessions and passed bills aimed at nullifying new federal [vaccine] mandates.” Since then, the Kansas legislature also concluded a special session with the passage — by very large majorities — of legislation nullifying President Biden’s vaccine mandates. Other red states have already considered, and in some cases passed, various types of vaccine mandate nullification legislation.

Pushing Back on Vaccine Mandates at the Statehouse Level

What we need in 2022 is continued pressure on state legislatures to counter federal and state vaccine mandates with nullification legislation. Don’t wait for the courts and gubernatorial executive orders to get the job done; nullification is a more reliable and lasting remedy for fending off vaccine mandates.

A good way to prepare for getting vaccine-mandate nullification bills passed in your state in 2022 is to view JBS Regional Field Director Robert Owens’ six-minute video, State Pressure Nullifies Mandates (, which is also included among the videos on the “Countering COVID-19 Overreach” action project page at Owens provides many practical tips for creating pressure on your state legislators to pass bills nullifying vaccine mandates.

Owens mentions in his video that 39 states had legislation introduced in 2021 to nullify vaccine mandates. One good way to learn what’s happening in your state is to go to our list of COVID-19 state legislative alerts at the end of our COVID-19 action project page at, or you can go directly to our state legislative alerts at and simply click on your state on the U.S. map.

Share a COVID-19 Video With Others

Another way to call the Deep State’s vaccine mandate bluff is to share one of our COVID-19 videos with at least five friends in order to expose the Deep State’s lies about the safety and efficacy of COVID-19 vaccines. One of our best videos is Dr. Robert Malone: “This Is the Largest Experiment Performed on Human Beings in the History of the World,which is posted under “Video” at Another excellent video is COVID Vaccine: The Bad & the Ugly (There Is No Good) by Dr. Lee Merritt, which you can purchase at