JBS Bulletin: January 2022

Get US Out! of the United Nations

This Year, Double Down on UN Withdrawal

by John F. McManus, President Emeritus

As a nascent world government, the United Nations continues to add more bureaus, agencies, and subdivisions to its already-sprawling bureaucracy. As of the beginning of 2022, the ambitious world body has a presence in nearly every area of mankind’s existence and activity.

A significant step for the UN to take in order to accomplish full control over mankind is to have its own military arm. Since its birth in 1945, the organization has grown from fewer than 45 nations to 193 today. The reach of its many divisions and their locations shows that the looming world body already has a base of operations in virtually all corners of the globe. Such bases may claim to work for a clean environment, schooling for youngsters, and other seemingly non-threatening causes. But that could change overnight if the world planners believe total tyranny can be established and maintained.

Our recent survey of the UN’s expanding reach shows that with UN world headquarters located in New York City and a growing number of offices housed in Washington DC, the United States tops the list for both the number of UN employees and offices (33 and counting). Switzerland is close behind with the bulk of its formal UN personnel located in Geneva, where the ill-fated League of Nations (which never had the U.S. as a member) had set up its headquarters in the 1920s.

The UN, of course, has greatly succeeded in many ways where the League was ineffective. It has built large facilities in over a dozen European cities. Six large UN structures have been erected in Asia, three in Africa, and others in the Middle East, South America, Central America, and elsewhere. The only area where the UN has no formal physical presence is Russia and the numerous former Soviet satellite nations.

Every one of these locations, and more that could be quickly established, could easily become military bases and centers for enforcing control over each area’s population. For example, the UN Office dealing with drugs is located in Vienna, Austria; the UN Environment Program has its headquarters in Nairobi, Kenya; the UN International Civil Aviation Organization has its home in Montreal, Canada; and other UN branches are functioning in Tokyo, Hanoi, Beirut, Rome, Bonn, and some locales most Americans have never even heard of. Let’s not forget that in the U.S., multiple UN buildings are full of potential to have their current occupants turn over the bulk of their ostensible civilian purposes to backing military forces with power to enforce mandates issued by UN leaders.

Such already-established and widely-scattered structures could with relative ease become the branch offices for worldwide population control. And enforcing the UN’s tyrannical will would be more easily accomplished from bases already built — or contemplated — than trying to dominate the peoples and governmental systems of all 193 UN member nations haphazardly.

There are many reasons why the United States — and other supposedly independent nations — should never have joined the United Nations. This world body in the making has always masqueraded as a beneficent friend of mankind while building a potential to rule its supposed friends in a manner similar to the tyrannical treatment it displayed in the former Belgian Congo during the early 1960s. It was there that the UN dramatically showed its real goal with bombs, troops, and other forms of military action designed to keep determined freedom-loving people from establishing a government and living in peace with the rest of the world.

The United States still has the ability to prevent the creation of a UN-controlled world government. U.S. withdrawal from the power-hungry organization — something every red-blooded American should want — would cripple this world-government scheme and provide a major boost for liberty worldwide. If the U.S. does so, other nations would likely follow and the threat posed by the UN would be minimized.

All JBS members are needed to put a stop to our nation’s presence in what surely can be labelled a suicidal arrangement. The way to keep America free and independent is to have Congress enact the American Sovereignty Restoration Act (ASRA), which calls for U.S. withdrawal. Here is what every JBS member should do:

1. Contact your U.S. representative and senators to let them know that it’s well past the time to Get US Out! Urge them to reintroduce the ASRA in both the House and Senate. You can easily reach your congressmen by using The John Birch Society’s legislative alert at

2. To build support for UN withdrawal, share the above alert with at least one person outside of your chapter.

3. Take advantage of the JBS’s “Top Ten Reasons to Get US Out! of the UN” reprint and slim jim. Utilizing the 100/10/6 program, distribute these to 100 households in your area.

Getting our nation out of the United Nations should be a top goal for all who cherish liberty. Let’s not leave the task of accomplishing it to others, or to some magical good fortune. We urge every JBS member to participate in reaching such a vitally-needed goal.