JBS Bulletin: January 2022

JBS Successes

Influencing Opinion Molders in Broadus, Montana

by Leah Southwell, Field Coordinator for Wyoming, Colorado, and Eastern Montana

Broadus is a town of about 500 people in the southeast corner of Montana, hours away from other towns. Almost 10 percent of the town are JBS members, and they have been extremely active in educating others about our constitutional principles.

These members spent the last couple of months inviting legislators, county commissioners, sheriffs, and judges from all over Montana to a constitutional training seminar with Sheriff Richard Mack, who won the 1997 Supreme Court case Printz v. United States. This decision struck down the Brady background check law and confirmed that the federal government cannot mandate states to comply with unconstitutional laws.

Well over 100 people attended, including 22 elected officials. From that, among other successes, we received new members, and a sheriff asked us to come teach the Constitution in his own town. The best part was an improvement in community respect for, and the credibility of, The John Birch Society. A new “Constitution Is the Solution” training will begin in January, and excitement for it is at an all-time high.