JBS Bulletin: February 2022

Stop the Con-Con

Exposing Who and What Is Behind a Con-Con/COS

by Christian Gomez, Research Project Manager

When communicating with others about the dangers of a constitutional convention (Con-Con), or “convention of states,” as some call it, an important question to address is, “Who is behind it?”

An excellent tool for this is our TNA reprint by C. Mitchell Shaw, titled “Who’s Behind a Constitutional Convention?” originally published in the September 3, 2018 issue of the magazine. Copies of this reprint are available on Purchase at least one pack (25 reprints). Make sure that the offices of your legislators receive a copy of the reprint, as well as the office of every legislator who serves on the key committee(s) overseeing Article V convention-related resolutions and bills.

It’s important that we arm our lawmakers with this information so they are better prepared to oppose new attempts to petition Congress to call an Article V convention. In his article, C. Mitchell Shaw identifies the source of Mark Meckler’s COS Action’s large financial contributions. Shaw also identifies some of the Deep State globalists behind the push for a convention under the guise of wanting a Balanced Budget Amendment (BBA) added to the Constitution.

We encourage you to also go to to download and print (at least) 25 copies of Steve Byas’ recent online article titled “Convention of States Board Member Co-authored Anti-2A ‘Conservative Constitution,’” posted on December 20, 2021. In this online article, Byas exposes how Robert P. George, a supposed conservative, member of the glob­alist Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), and legal advisory board member of COS Action/COS Project, has already drafted a so-called “Conservative Constitution.” According to Byas, George’s “Conservative Constitution” is anything but conservative, as it would actually empower the federal government beyond the limitations set forth in the current Constitution and would eviscerate the Second Amendment.

Use the above articles to continue educating state lawmakers and those in your community about the dangers of a Con-Con. Also, if your chapter has not yet done so, visit “Freedom’s Voices” on to book our latest Con-Con webinar, titled Dangers of a Con-Con. In this brand-new presentation, we examine some of the new proposed constitutions and how they would move us toward socialism. As Steve Byas writes in his article, “it is highly unlikely that we would have a better constitution than the one James Madison, George Washington, and the other Founders crafted back in 1787.”