JBS Bulletin: March 2022

Birching 101

Making an Impact in Leftist States and Regions

by Evan Mulch, Regional Field Director for the Eastern Region

Question: “I live in a Marxist-controlled area. Is there anything I can do that will matter?”

Answer: I was reminded recently of how actions can affect the future as I watched a fictional movie about time travel. There are many movies and books about time travel, and they all seem to have one thing in common — be extra careful while traveling to the past as one little change could dramatically change the future. What if we applied that same thinking to the present? If you take action today on a JBS action project, how will it change the future 20 years from now?

There is no doubt that actions matter, just as they would if you had a time machine and could travel back in time to change things. If you live in what you believe is a Marxist-controlled area, follow Robert Welch’s wisdom. He said, “In a world where falsehood has now become the accepted custom, we must constantly show the value and necessity of the truth.”

The bravest truth-teller I know is our member Lucretia Hughes. You can watch her on by going to Zoe Warren’s 2A for Today video page and clicking on the video posted on February 2. You can also find the video at It doesn’t matter where you ask Lucretia to speak; when she speaks, she gives it her all and always receives the loudest applause. She can identify with what it’s like to live in a Marxist-controlled area, as she grew up in the projects of Spartanburg, South Carolina, and became the stereotypical single mother, having her first child at age 15 and her fourth at age 20.

Despite the difficulties that Lucretia faced, her supporters were there for her at the right times. She made it out of the projects, and a few years ago became a Tea Party supporter. At that time, our member Dahlys Hamilton recruited Lucretia to The John Birch Society, and the rest is history. Lucretia has traveled to D.C. on multiple occasions, including once to attend a White House dinner with President Trump. Her influence will affect generations of Americans to come, especially those who identify with living in Marxist-controlled areas. Lucretia can honestly say that she lived it and then overcame it!

Right now, there are countless Americans living within Marxist-controlled areas who desire to know the truth. If you live in such an area, contact your field coordinator and find out if there are any other members living in your area. If there are, organize a JBS chapter and start working on Birch action projects together. If there aren’t any other members in your area, just go out there and be like Lucretia Hughes — speak the truth! You will soon find others who will work with you, and then you can start dreaming about the generations that will be able to experience Americanism because of the actions you took!

Note: Your field coordinator’s job is to help you when it comes to organizing, but it is your job as a member to utilize your field coordinator. Coordinators can easily get distracted from helping you because there is so much Birch activity. It is my advice that you take the initiative and contact your field coordinator weekly or bi-weekly.