JBS Bulletin: March 2022

Save Our Children

Keep the Public-school Exodus Moving

by Paul Dragu, Director of Communications

Despite the immediate damage it has caused, the COVID era will prove to have some long-term benefits, including rescuing thousands of children from the permanent damage caused by government “education.”

News headlines have been rife with stories about irate parents screaming at school-board members after learning about the insanely toxic curricula and woke teachers in the institutions they pay for. While the level of propaganda has been turned up in “schools” recently, the fact is it’s been going on for a long time. For decades, government schools have been poisoning young minds with amoral, secular, and Marxist ideals. Furthermore, they have been making America’s young, brilliant minds dumber and dumber. The government’s own assessment, The Nation’s Report Card, shows that less than 50 percent of K-12 students are proficient in any academic category.

One of the laundry list of measures that local authorities allowed scheming, inept government planners to pressure them into was “distance learning” from home. However, this turned out to be a massive blessing. Parents saw what their children were learning. This included Critical Race Theory — the ideology premised on the notion that white people are inherently oppressors and people of color are the oppressed — as well as various forms of insane gender-confusing ideas.

While many parents decided to go toe-to-toe with school boards as part of an effort to stop this madness, others simply pulled their kids out. This has resulted in an unprecedented government-school exodus. The number of homeschooled students jumped from 3 percent to 13 percent in one year.

As coordinators, chapter leaders, and members, let’s help friends, family members, and community members who are still holding out hope for public education realize that there are better ways. Our Save Our Children action project at has a section to help parents who’d like to pull their children out but don’t know where or how to start. Use that tool and share it with others. It has alternative-education suggestions with several links for further direction.

We have other resources, including our two excellent education Special Reports of The New American, “Rescuing Our Children” and “Save Our Children.” Pass out at least five issues of each to those who need to hear the message.

In addition to educational resources, we create legislative alerts to help you conveniently contact your state and federal legislators on key issues. This month, focus on urging your state legislators to stop funding the Marxism-promoting public-school system using our alert at

We also have slim jims, a trifold, and a manual on how to form a Save Our Children committee. The slim jims are eye-catching, created to compete in busy environments. The trifold is perfect for someone who might consider two magazines “information overload” but is not scared to flip through a pamphlet. And the committee-formation manual is free to download to help Americans everywhere create an education restoration. All movements start with a small group of dedicated people. A Save Our Children committee would be the nucleus of your education community movement, a seed that could blossom large enough to close the local government school buildings and have them taken over by local churches that have run out of room.

So, keep on Birchin’, and let’s save America’s children.