JBS Bulletin: April 2022

Stop the Con-Con

Take Advantage of JBS’s Con-Con Resources

by Christian Gomez, Research Project Manager

For many of you, the battle to safeguard the Constitution from Deep State alteration via a constitutional convention (Con-Con) or (as its advocates have deceptively been referring to it for the past eight years) a “convention of states” will soon be over for the year. Most state legislative sessions are scheduled to adjourn by early June.

For those of you in states still battling the Con-Con, JBS Midwest Regional Field Director Robert Owens has furnished a series of 11 “Cross Examination Questions About an Article V Convention.” These are available as a free PDF download at These questions are a powerful tool that we at The John Birch Society highly encourage you to use when testifying before a legislative committee hearing. You can use your speaking time to ask these questions, in the order presented, to the committee members, especially those backing a Con-Con resolution. If you go as a group, which we encourage, divide up the questions among yourselves.

Other documents are also available as free PDF downloads on the same webpage — Peter Rykowski mentioned them in the first Action Point article of the March 2022 JBS Bulletin (please read that article if you have not already done so). Additionally, watch episode #121 of Matter of Action, titled “Stop a Con-Con Action Project.” In the episode, Rykowski interviews this author about those PDFs and how to use them in order to create your own Con-Con action packets. The video can be found on

In addition, there are two other videos that we strongly recommend you watch and share with others — especially with those who support a Con-Con/COS or who remain unsure: the February 21, 2022 episode of Behind the Deep State, titled “Convention of States: Deep State Plan to Overthrow Constitution?”; and this author’s TNA video interview with U.S. Representative Andy Biggs, one of the most constitutionalist members of Congress and author of the book The Con of the Con-Con. That interview is titled, “Congressman Biggs on Why an Article V Convention of States or Con-Con Would Be Dangerous.” Both videos can be found on

In the first video, host Alex Newman exposes the 990 financial forms of COS Action and how it pays exorbitant amounts of money in exchange for key endorsements. Newman also reveals how COS Action uses fraudulent tactics in their much-touted signature petitions, and he reminds viewers that COS’s Mark Meckler is closely associated with far-left activist and Harvard law professor Lawrence Lessig, an advisor for the leftist pro-Con-Con group Wolf-PAC and who previously admitted his desire for “more runaway conventions.”

In my interview with Representative Biggs, he reveals that when he served in the Arizona Legislature, the leader of one of the major groups peddling a convention told him that if he stopped opposing the convention, he would guarantee Biggs the position of president of that convention. “You can’t guarantee that because the Constitution doesn’t allow that. Nor does it allow you the plenary power that you think it does to nominate and appoint delegates to come to the convention,” Biggs recalls replying. Biggs further articulates why an Article V convention is a terrible idea that would more than likely severely harm our Republic and individual freedoms.