JBS Bulletin: April 2022

The New American

Special “Covid” Issue

by Gary Benoit, Editor-in-Chief, The New American

As we point out in our new April 11 special issue of TNA, the Covid narrative is crumbling. More of our fellow citizens are seeing through the propaganda, and there has been an overall retreat in Covid restrictions.

But that retreat has not yet become a full rout. This is particularly the case regarding the continued strong-arm tactics to get everyone vaccinated, despite the mounting evidence that the vaccines are claiming more lives than they’re saving.

Our special Covid issue is intended to completely obliterate the opinion cartel’s Covid narrative, and to save many lives in the process. It is also intended to expose how and why we were beguiled by the Covid hysteria to begin with, in order to help prevent the American people from once again being stampeded into accepting totalitarian “solutions” to stave off the next crisis — whether that crisis be a resurgence of Covid or something else entirely, such as war or climate change.

The articles in our Special Report include “Why Did So Many Fall for the Covid Narrative?” by mRNA pioneer Dr. Robert Malone, and “Covid-1984: A Pandemic of the Deep State” by TNA senior editor Alex Newman. There’s even a photo essay titled “Freedom Is the Cure” by Larry Greenley.

Please distribute this new tool to raise awareness.