JBS Bulletin: May 2022

Congressional Scorecard

Scorecard Power Pyramid

by Christian Gomez, Research Project Manager

In January, The New American launched the brand-new Congressional Scorecard. Like the old TRIM Bulletin (Tax Reform IMmediately), the Congressional Scorecard reveals how an individual U.S. representative (and now also senators) voted, along with the cost per household (CPH) of each bill when applicable. The scores are based on a faithful, or originalist, interpretation of the U.S. Constitution. Neither The John Birch Society nor The New American endorses or opposes political candidates. However, we do show you how those in Congress voted and, when relevant, what the cost of the bill is for your household.

You can find, download, and print your individual representative and senators’ Congressional Scorecard by going to and then clicking on “Scorecard 117-2,” located under the box on the left labeled “117th (2021-2022).”

As with the TRIM Bulletin, the single best method of distributing the Congressional Scorecard is through the grassroots activities of JBS members in your chapter. Equipped with this educational ammunition, you can sound the alarm among your friends, relatives, neighbors, co-workers, and influencers in your community. We recommend that you distribute the Congressional Scorecard to just about everyone, following the “Scorecard Power Pyramid” concept.

On the Freedom Index webpage, click on the yellow “User Guide” button; that will take you to the “Congressional Scorecard User Guide” page. On the “Table of Contents” box on the right, click on “9. How should I distribute the Scorecards to educate my local electorate?” or simply scroll to the very bottom of the page. There you will see the “Scorecard Power Pyramid.”

We recommend distributing the Congressional Scorecard by starting at the bottom of the pyramid and working your way up. First, distribute it to friends, family, neighbors, and business establishments in your congressional district. Second, give one to every active voter in your congressional district who regularly votes in primary elections (this information usually is publicly available). Third, hand out copies to everyone who attends your U.S. representative’s and senators’ townhall meetings. Fourth, hand them out to every media influencer (including print and online news, radio, podcast, television, etc.) covering your congressional district or state and their advertisers. Fifth, distribute them to every mayor, city council member, alderman, and/or county commissioner located in your congressional district. Sixth, distribute them to every state legislator in your state; seventh, to every county and state party chairman; and eighth, to your U.S. representative and senators’ supporters, gleaned from newspaper reports, online activity, and letters to the editor. Finally, at the pinnacle of pyramid, distribute them to their staff and aides.

The best way to keep our Republic is through an informed electorate — and the Congressional Scorecard will help you do just that.