JBS Bulletin: May 2022

FreedomProject Academy

Give Your Children a Real Education at FreedomProject Academy

by Arthur R. Thompson, American Opinion Foundation Board Member

The deterioration of American education continues even as parents protest before their leftist-dominated local school boards. In many cases, local elections are replacing many of these boards with people who oppose much of what is happening in the schools. The problem with this is that these parents don’t realize that their own education wasn’t much better. They see the obvious leap backward that has recently taken place, but not the big picture. Much more needs to be done — with your own children.

American education has been deteriorating for many decades. According to The Nation’s Report Card, only 24 percent of America’s 12th graders are proficient at math. Meanwhile, only 37 percent have satisfactory reading skills, and only 22 percent are proficient in science. Only 12 percent of those about to graduate high school understand American history. Our nation is in deep trouble.

What is needed is a classical education not only in the three R’s, but also in basic Americanism and the fundamental documents that comprise the foundation of our liberty as embodied in our Republic. This is missing in most schools today.

Riding to the rescue is FreedomProject Academy, which provides a sound, solid education you can depend on. Not only that, but you can monitor the classes in real time, since it is operated online with your children sitting at their computer in a live class limited to 25 students. You would be surprised at how many parents are learning right alongside their children.

Enrollment is now open; re-enrollment ends on May 30, while new enrollment ends on July 15. Space is limited in some grades, so time is of the essence. For more information, contact FPA at 1-920-749-3793 or go to