JBS Bulletin: May 2022

General and Miscellaneous

Hid Welch Passes at 96

by William S. Hahn, Chief Executive Officer

Hillard (Hid) W. Welch, the last living son of JBS founder Robert Welch, passed away on March 25 at the age of 96. Hid’s older brother, Robert Welch III, passed in 2014.

Hid enlisted and served in the Signal Corps during World War II, being stationed in Italy. After graduating from college, he first worked for the James O. Welch candy company, as his father had done. Hid then moved on and went into advertising. In 1977, he started his own business, importing and distributing ophthalmological instruments, as well as conducting marketing services to both the Massachusetts and New England Societies of Eye Physicians and Surgeons.

Hid was a JBS Life Member, and joined the JBS National Council in January 2008. As his obituary said, he had “a passion for this great country and its Constitution. He enthusiastically discussed its merits with everyone he met, offering them a pocket Constitution of their own.” A June service is being planned. Mr. Welch is survived by his wife, Joyce; three daughters; and eight grandchildren.

In one of his last voice-mails addressing the JBS Council, he said, “My best wishes for a successful meeting. God love you. God bless the Society.”