JBS Bulletin: May 2022

JBS Successes

Expanding Our Influence in Pennsylvania

by David Giordano, Field Coordinator for Southern New Jersey, Eastern Pennsylvania, and Delaware

How many times have you heard at a meeting of 6-8 people, “but what can just the few of us do?”

Chapter Leader Barry Barkley and Assistant Chapter Leader Dan Medbury recommitted their efforts to The John Birch Society and started the Lancaster, Pennsylvania, chapter with a handful of members. After choosing a convenient and attractive location, his chapter began drawing concerned citizens from around the area. The result was the formation of another chapter in Coatesville. Meeting regularly, this chapter soon began to grow. The original Lancaster chapter continued to attract people, growing to about 38 people; the restaurant they met in even had to open the doors to the next room to accommodate attendees.

In January, a new JBS member attending in Lancaster decided to start a chapter after attending a couple meetings. He quickly began holding small JBS information meetings at his home with a circle of former military members. Last month, he broke off from the Lancaster chapter to form a new chapter in Hanover.

Now, members and prospects continue to come to Lancaster from nearby Harrisburg; they are planning to break off and form their own chapter in the Pennsylvania capital.

Members and even prospects from all these chapters have headed to the State Capitol with JBS material in hand to address their legislators on the danger of an Article V convention and other issues. This month, the Lancaster chapter will be partnering with a nearby group to host speaker Tom DeWeese on Agenda 2030, which should bring in more “pullers at the oars.”

Remember, you are part of a powerful network of chapters across the country. Your efforts are effective! So, the next time you ask “what can the few of us possibly do,” think about what that original small group in Lancaster started in a relatively short time.