JBS Bulletin: May 2022

Members in Action

Defending Our Liberties in Iowa

by Tammy Kobza, Field Coordinator for Iowa, Eastern Nebraska, Eastern South Dakota, and Southern North Dakota

Iowa may be known for its corn and soybeans, but there is a new area of growth in the Hawkeye State that will hopefully reap a great harvest as Iowans launch new JBS chapters. Iowa’s state motto, “Our liberties we prize, and our rights we will maintain,” has never been more relevant. We’ve seen our liberties trampled by Covid hysteria, property rights threatened by the “carbon capture pipelines” being built through our fertile farmland, Critical Race Theory being taught in schools, and BLM marching through our small towns.

Frustrated with politics and concerned over daily attacks on our liberties, Iowans are appreciative of the resources and strategy that JBS offers. Members understand the information battle we are in, and they are using our materials to educate friends and neighbors.

Vaccine mandates continue to rage in Iowa, with many elected officials tone-deaf to the realities that employees and families continue to face. Last October, our legislature passed a bill putting vaccine exemptions into the Iowa code. Freedom-loving Iowans immediately saw the pitfalls with this, as one must now submit a medical or religious exemption request to avoid the shots — and if the exemptions are not granted, they will lose their jobs. Our members are joining thousands of other Iowans to stop this overreach and restore medical freedom.

Birchers are also educating others about the dangers of an Article V convention. At one gun show, their efforts resulted in multiple attendees returning to the Convention of States (COS) booth to scratch their name off the COS petition. Additionally, while constitutional scholar Robert Brown was in Iowa, we caught COS founder Mark Meckler on tape insinuating to Robert’s face that since he wasn’t a lawyer, there was no way he could possibly understand the Constitution. We asked Meckler if he would debate Robert, to which he replied, “that’s not gonna happen.” Members are sharing that video with COS supporters and legislators, asking them how they can support this idea when COS’s own founder won’t defend it.

These are just two examples of how Birchers are active in Iowa and working our agenda. They’re exposing the globalists, and we believe truth will win out in our great state because so many Iowans have stepped up to the plate to defend our liberties and fight for our rights.