JBS Bulletin: June 2022

Growing JBS

Aid Your Recruiting with JBS’s Constitution Series

by Eldon Stahl, Field Coordinator for Utah, Western Wyoming, and Eastern Nevada

Recruitment is agenda item number one for The John Birch Society. If we’re not growing, we’re dying. This is true for any organization, movement, or endeavor.

One of the best tools you can use for growth is The Constitution Is the Solution lecture series. If you regularly and effectively hold these classes, your group of “Birchers” will grow, along with your influence. What do you need to do?

1. Have a list of people to invite, with contact information. These should be people who have indicated they have some interest in what JBS offers. These are your “warm leads.” I’ve found that such a list of at least 25-30 people is needed to turn out at least five or six people to the class. Start by writing down people you know who have displayed like-minded views, then ask your field coordinator for suggestions. He or she should be able to help you get started with a list of leads in the area. Also, find ways to generate your own leads, such as by doing literature tables at events — street fairs, farmers markets, gun shows, county fairs, political expos, etc. Or briefly announce at a political or other type of group that you’re planning a Constitution class, and pass around a clipboard so people can sign up. Easy.

2. Find an adequate venue. These can include restaurants, libraries, club houses, living rooms, and conference rooms. Will you need to bring in audio/visual equipment, or is it there? Do you know how to use it? Use a checklist (to view one, access the online version of this article using the QR code below) to evaluate possible locations. Of course, you will need a copy of the DVDs or access to the videos at or

3. Make flyers (samples in the Members Area of Mail out invitations at least two weeks before the first class and follow up with a phone call or text. Ask invitees if you should count on them to attend. Don’t rely on a large email list to build attendance or think putting an ad in the paper or on the radio will turn out a crowd. Personal attention is what gets people to come in most cases, whereas the other methods just build awareness. Would you rather have many aware of the class, or a smaller number actually attend?

4. Review the Manual and Lecture Guides and the videos beforehand. These are viewable and available for download at You don’t have to be a constitutional expert, but you should be familiar with the material. Make sure you review the accompanying Materials Packet ahead of time.

5. Encourage potential students to obtain the accompanying Materials Packet, and take payment up front for it. Have one on hand, open it up, and show what’s inside. Then ask if they want one for $20. These are available at

6. Make sure to invite your coordinator or a capable volunteer to give a brief presentation about The John Birch Society after the sixth video, ending with an invitation for attendees to join JBS and/or host their own Constitution class. If possible, give certificates to those who complete all six classes (available in the Members Area of

With proper planning and preparation, your class will successfully inform, motivate, persuade, and recruit. You can do this!

Information & Action Meeting/Dinner Venue Evaluation 


1.     Can the lights be turned up bright enough in the room that people can read any handouts without difficulty? Y/N 

2.     Can the lights be dimmed enough so that video from a projector can be viewed without difficulty? Y/N 

3.     Does the room have adequate climate control (not too hot, not too cold)? Y/N 

4.     Is the room without significant background noise from outside the room? Y/N 

5.     Is it a private room? Y/N 

6.     Is seating adequate for the number of guests you expect to attend with ability to see and hear speakers or program presented? Y/N 

7.     Is the menu available at a price point that will make it so that you can charge a moderate fee for the dinner? Is the menu an attractive one for those you wish to invite? Y/N 

8.     Does the room have audio-visual equipment available, electrical outlets? Y/N 

9.     Are you able to set up audio-visual equipment in the room? Y/N 

10.  Is there a bathroom accessible? Y/N 

11.  Is the room handicapped accessible? Y/N 

12.  Is food allowed in the room? Y/N 

13.  What are the rules for accessing the room—reservation, times of day, days of week, frequency of use, deposit, rental fee, cleaning, ability to sell items, etc?  

14.  Are the owners or managers of the meeting place friendly to the JBS cause? Y/N 

15.  What is deadline for letting restaurant know number of meals needed for the Dinner? 


16.  Who is the contact person for use of the room, and what is his/her phone number? 



17.  Will the restaurant or other venue store audio/visual or other supplies for the group? Y/N 

18.  Is the atmosphere of the venue likely to leave a positive impression on those we want to invite/influence? Y/N 

19.  Is there adequate parking at the venue for those attending? Y/N