JBS Bulletin: July 2022

Get US Out! of the United Nations

WHO Power Grab: Deep State’s Latest Scheme for World Government

by John F. McManus, President Emeritus

Ever since the United Nations’ founding in 1945, world-government advocates have developed one scheme after another to erode personal freedom and national independence in favor of empowering the world body. The main target of these sinister planners was the United States, particularly our nation’s independence.

Some of the diabolical schemes of these planners failed miserably or have been downplayed. Count military and personal disarmament as a failed campaign. A continuing effort to divide and conquer our nation by creating racial hatred hasn’t succeeded. Add climate change as a sputtering scheme. And don’t forget vaccine-passport requirements nearly identical to Hitler’s demand that all show their “papers, please.” Other attempts at gaining control over mankind, especially the American people, have failed or stalled, ending up on the back burner.

But our enemy never sleeps — which means those of us in The John Birch Society can’t sleep either. We face a new threat aiming to destroy our national independence and individual freedom. This newest Deep State scheme to empower the United Nations has arisen from the UN’s World Health Organization (WHO).

As we highlighted in the previous month’s Bulletin, the WHO is making a determined effort to create a global pandemic treaty, and to pass radical amendments to its International Health Regulations (IHR) that the Biden administration has proposed. Overall, these schemes are designed to enable the WHO to impose — in the name of public health — freedom-compromising strictures on individuals while superseding national governments.

Although the WHO’s World Health Assembly temporarily withdrew 12 of the 13 proposed IHR amendments, those amendments will likely be considered at a later date. Additionally, the WHO continues to work on its proposed pandemic treaty and could potentially merge the IHR amendments into it. This diabolical scheme must not be allowed to succeed.

What can we do about this threat? There are multiple steps each of us should take:

1. Contact both your state and federal legislators in opposition to the WHO’s actions. State governments have the constitutional authority to nullify any WHO power grab, and they must exercise their duty to uphold the U.S. Constitution. Meanwhile, Congress must enact H.R. 419, which would end all U.S. funding of the WHO, thus significantly hampering its power grab. To easily contact your federal and state officials, go to

2. Congress should not stop there; it should protect our Republic by fully withdrawing the U.S. from the UN and every associated agency. The American Sovereignty Restoration Act (H.R. 7806), which was recently reintroduced, would do just that. To easily contact Congress about this key bill, use our legislative alert at

3. Continue to educate others in your community. Let your friends, neighbors, co-workers, and others know about the plans of the UN and WHO, and enlist those individuals in our campaign to preserve U.S. national sovereignty. Furthermore, share with them the TNA video “Deep State-WHO Power Grab Not Dead Yet” at, as well as “Stopping WHO’s Power Grab” by Alex Newman, the cover story in the June 27 issue of The New American.