JBS Bulletin: July 2022

Restore Election Integrity

Use 2000 Mules to Highlight JBS’s Election-integrity Solutions

by Kurt Hyde, Board of Directors Member

Americans are waking up to some of the problems in our elections — problems The John Birch Society has been warning about for decades. A new movie, 2000 Mules, has recently been released. Although it has a few flaws, such as multiple descriptions of the United States as a democracy rather than a republic, it effectively exposes the existence and urgency of election fraud.

The most important aspect of 2000 Mules is the investigative use of cell phone geotracking data and comparing it, when possible, to video records of unattended drop boxes for absentee ballots. The videos corroborate the cell phone tracking and reveal individuals casting numerous absentee ballots.

2000 Mules shows how insecure unattended drop boxes are even when they are supposedly required by law to be monitored by video cameras. Despite these legal requirements, many videos were unavailable. In one highly embarrassing moment for Georgia’s elections, a records custodian offered an anemic response to an open records request for video recordings: “I do not have an explanation I can provide other than they do not exist.”

Fortunately, at least some of the legally mandated video recordings did exist. One ballot drop box where recordings were available had a pair of ballot pickups about 25 hours apart. During that 25-hour period, 271 people dropped off ballots, but the number of ballots picked up at the end of that time was 1,962. (For more information about 2000 Mules, see Rebecca Terrell’s review in the June 13, 2022 issue of TNA.)

Defining the problem is good, but the next step — proposing solutions — is critical. That’s where The John Birch Society excels, and JBS members can take advantage of the educational opportunity afforded by the growing interest in election integrity. The first thing you should do is read The New American reprint “Restoring Election Integrity,” taken from the February 15, 2021 issue. The first three of the specific recommendations can be found on the first two pages: 1) Reinstate paper ballots, 2) Reinstate voting and vote counting as public acts, and 3) Reinstate the precinct as the place where voters cast their ballots and where the ballots are counted. Further along in the article are additional recommendations, including requiring an absolute chain of custody for ballots, repealing laws that allow for unattended drop boxes, and repealing laws allowing for no-excuse absentee balloting.

The next thing you should do is get some JBS slim jims on election integrity. My personal favorite is “9 Ways to Restore America’s Elections” but any of them will do. Have them handy in case you meet someone who has seen or heard of 2000 Mules. Start a conversation, offer a copy of a slim jim or the TNA reprint, and ask if that person wants more information. Carry a notepad with you to get people’s contact information. If it’s been a while since you’ve done JBS recruiting, ask your chapter leader or field coordinator for some help. Happy recruiting!