JBS Bulletin: August 2022

Stop the Con-Con

Putting Our Newest Tool to Good Use

by Gary Benoit, Editor-in-Chief of The New American

It is one thing to put out good material. It is something else entirely to fit that good material into a concerted action program and use it to change the course of history.

Such is the case with the July 11, 2022 “Article V Convention: Will It Work?” Special Report from The New American. The product, of course, was written for our TNA subscribers. But even more so, it was written to provide reader-activists with a key educational tool to assist them in their efforts to stop a modern-day constitutional convention.

The Con-Con issue is one on which many conservative-minded Americans have been led astray. Yet it is a very realistic expectation to change the minds of those who have been beguiled to support a Con-Con, assuming you are able to present them with the case against the Con-Con and they are willing to consider another point of view. In fact, it has already been done many times throughout the country, as our members and other like-minded patriots have taken the time to get our message out.

Nor is changing minds on this issue as hard to do as you may think. After all, it makes no sense whatsoever to change the Constitution if the problem is not the Constitution but lack of adherence to it. Put simply, we are supposed to believe that a federal government that is not now obeying the Constitution would suddenly start obeying it once the Constitution is amended. Of course, it’s ludicrous, and this is a big elephant in the living room that is overlooked by Con-Con supporters. Pointing this out, along with other key points, can be an eye-opener to someone — including a state legislator — who has never thought about a Con-Con in this way before.

To make it easy to bring such points to the attention of others, we have assembled 17 of them under the title “Article V Talking Points” (see pages 25 and 26 in our Special Report; the specific point cited above is Talking Point No. 7). When presenting the magazine to others, with the intent of giving them a copy and asking them to read it, a good place to start would be to show them “Article V Talking Points,” and then to go through a couple or several of the points with them.

There is also an assemblage of “Notable Quotes” on page 17 that can be used to pull prospective readers into the magazine.

Finally, there are the articles themselves, including those that explain what really should be done instead of a Con-Con — e.g. “Article VI, Not Article V” (page 22), “Congressional Scorecards” (page 28), and “Nullification: The Founders’ Solution to Federal Overreach” (page 31).

Please order a supply of “Article V Convention: Will It Work?,” put together a targeted list of prospective recipients of the report (be sure to include your state legislators), and approach them on a personal basis.