JBS Bulletin: September 2022


Stopping the Conspiracy’s Latest Schemes for Control

by William S. Hahn, Chief Executive Officer

Much is happening in the world that is helping us jostle awake other concerned Americans. Globalist forces are pushing and implementing dangerous tenets of Agenda 2030, while a resolution has been introduced in Congress to call a constitutional convention. While the two may seem unrelated, they both provide avenues for the Conspiracy to make large gains in its agenda.

As we’ve pointed out in various JBS and The New American videos, some countries have begun forcing farmers into organic farming by mandating certain practices and limiting the type of fertilizers they can use. As the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka has demonstrated, it took less than two years for an agricultural exporter to not be able to grow enough food to feed its own population. This food crisis is accompanied by a default on its $78 billion foreign debt, a 50-plus-percent inflation rate, electrical blackouts, and shortages of fuel and medication.

As TNA pointed out, “Globalists have been pushing the concept of ‘environmentally friendly social justice governance’ for a while now. Sri Lanka and the Netherlands are two examples of governments that have wholeheartedly embraced the concept.”

The results speak for themselves. The Dutch government, the “world’s fifth largest exporter of food,” expects about a third of the 50,000 farms in the country to “disappear” by 2030 in pursuance of meeting the European Union’s climate goals. Farmers and protesters are now openly clashing with the national police, with reports of police even firing upon them.

Tom DeWeese, JBS National Council member and president of the American Policy Center, stated in a TNA interview that the CO2 emissions of these farmers had been dropping for years due to government mandates. He noted that there is a shortage of CO2, explaining that the U.S. Navy has charted that Earth needs about 1,600 parts per million of CO2 just to survive, while optimal plant growth occurs at 4,000 parts per million. The current CO2 level as indicated by the U.S. Navy is charted at 400 parts per million. He further said the Earth is literally starving for CO2, and concluded that reaching the goal of net-zero carbon means the end of life.

Meanwhile, the scheme of carbon capture (capturing CO2 emitted from its source and piping it underground) is moving ahead by private companies in five Midwestern states. These companies are threatening to use eminent domain if farmers and other landowners resist easement terms allowing the pipelines to be built on their private property. The largest of these pipelines is planned to be 1,300 miles long, plowing mainly through Iowa but also hitting South Dakota, Minnesota, and Nebraska before being sequestered underground in Illinois. Another pipeline would total 2,000 miles, with the liquefied CO2 sequestered underground in North Dakota.

As the Des Moines Register reported, “Summit [Carbon Solutions], along with two other companies also proposing carbon capture pipelines in Iowa, pitch the projects as helping ethanol and other energy-intensive agricultural industries important to the state’s economy remain viable as the nation seeks to cut net greenhouse emissions in half by 2030 to address climate change.”

The year 2030 is the target date to implement the United Nations’ Agenda 2030.

In mid-July, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced that a cap would be placed on certain fertilizers to reduce emissions by 2030. Ireland also announced a cap on farming emissions at about 28 percent to reach the European Union’s environmental requirements.

The lesson here is that whoever controls the food also controls the population. A willful disregard for successful farming practices will see crop yields drop precipitously. Modern farming practices are responsible for the ability to feed far beyond our population. Targeting farmers based on some crackpot notion that humans have caused so much environmental damage that the planet must be micromanaged feeds directly into the depopulation wishes of the globalist elites.

Any crisis emanating from this will be government-generated. And what do we think might be the outcome? More government as the “solution.” Remember the globalist mantra from Covid-19? They suggested that no one country can solve global problems, so it’s better to work together. However, this means interdependency at the cost of American sovereignty and independence. No other country has our unique system of government; we must jealously guard it as others try to remake us to fit into world government.

While globalist interests seek to decimate property rights in America’s heartland in order to build a pipeline for carting off much-needed CO2, where are America’s leaders? Many in Congress, including Republicans, virtue-signal about climate change and allow the Constitution and landowner rights to be trampled. However, as we saw with the fight against Agenda 21, globalist efforts can be thwarted through local efforts.

In fact, DeWeese recently helped to rally opposition efforts in Iowa as a speaker for the JBS Speakers Bureau. JBS Coordinator Tammy Kobza organized a five-city speaking tour designed to equip JBS members and other property-rights supporters with the tools and tactics needed to educate and activate elected officials in standing against the pipeline projects. What these members and supporters learned was that elected officials did not know what tools to use to protect constituents. This is not unusual. As Kentucky state Senator Adrienne Southworth pointed out during her presentation at our 2022 JBS Leadership Conference last month, elected officials do not undergo any training once they are elected. Many times, they are just as ignorant as those who elected them to office. Thus, they must be informed through educational means about what they can do. The overall concept of nullification and the doctrine of the lesser magistrates are powerful tools available to state legislators, as are knowing their state constitution and learning how their state’s political process works (especially in identifying opportunities to exert influence and stop the carbon-capture pipelines).

The attack on European farmers began with the European Commission, which originates legislation for the EU’s members to consider. Its guidelines for capping emissions will put many farmers out of business and drastically reduce cattle herds. It’s entirely possible that Congress could pass similar legislation, or at least attempt to. Federal agencies could also push Agenda 2030-related regulations, especially onto farmers who receive federal subsidies.

There’s also an international avenue for implementation, although it’s more long term than short term. As the EU is strong-arming its members, so too could this come through the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA).

The July/August 2022 issue of Foreign Affairs, the journal of the globalist Council on Foreign Relations think tank, includes many mentions of North America, including how it should pursue regionalism since full-fledged global integration may not be politically possible. The issue also lauds integration, promotes further harmonization of the three North American countries, and suggests joining the trade agreements President Donald Trump abandoned, thus integrating the U.S. and EU.

Unfortunately, the USMCA contains a poison pill for U.S. sovereignty and independence: the USMCA Free Trade Commission. The commission could eventually grow to become like the powerful European Commission if the USMCA is fully implemented. After a meeting in July, Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador and President Joe Biden released a joint statement stating, “The foundation of North American competitiveness is the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement and we reaffirm our commitment to its full implementation….”

They also announced they were restarting the North American Leaders Summit, which has been an integral avenue for promoting the concept of the North American Union, something Birchers exposed and stopped between 2005 and 2015.

Harmonizing industry standards and practices is a key function of integration. With the EU implementing its fertilizer guidelines and Canada doing the same, how long will it be before Mexico and then the U.S. do the same? Which countries will have food to export when most adopt this extremism? Possibly such countries as Russia and China that will not be bullied into following this extremism.

Not only can this create a widespread food crisis, but it’s also a way for the Constitution to be wiped out. How many Americans would be willing to give away liberty to achieve temporary security? After all, the mindset will be that countries will have to come together to overcome this crisis.

Another potential constitutional crisis has been planted in Congress. Some constitutional-convention supporters have become so desperate that they have convinced three congressmen to introduce and cosponsor H.Con.Res. 101, which would call a convention based on an aggregate of unrelated state applications.

This scheme was exposed last year by Christian Gomez in TNA, which you can read at He pointed out, “for decades [convention] advocates … have repeatedly assured state legislators that such a convention can be ‘limited’ to a single-subject amendment, as laid out in the applications of the state legislatures, and that all the applications have to be the same or similarly worded, applying to Congress to call a convention to propose the same amendment.”

Yet, instead of abiding by these assurances, Congressmen Jodey Arrington (R-Texas), Yvette Herrell (R-N.M.), and Brian Fitzpatrick (R-Pa.), along with other supporters of this new aggregate scheme, have decided to thwart the will of those who voted for a single-subject-amendment convention by brushing aside all the assurances and promises. Either that or convention planners outright lied to legislators in a desperate attempt to pass the applications.

In either event, the resolution has been introduced. A few days later, Governing magazine published an opinion piece titled, “Is It Time for a New Constitutional Convention?” The article gleefully describes the possibility of tearing up the Constitution and having it rewritten in the summer of 2026, the 250th birthday of the United States. The article included a hit list of topics to address and change in the new constitution, including reconstructing the Senate and the Electoral College, making impeachment easier, lowering the requirements in Congress to pass amendments, and rewriting the Second Amendment (following Biden’s assessment that rights are not absolute) to set limits on the firepower citizens can possess.

What makes this article more than just rantings is where it is published. Governing magazine is sent to “elected, appointed and other public leaders looking to manage the present and anticipate the future of state and local government.” Couple that information with all the “conservatives” barnstorming the states to get legislatures to apply for a constitutional convention. And this is done in a time when secure elections aren’t guaranteed, Congress passes bipartisan gun control as well as spending bills to somehow curb inflation, and the international community ramps up rhetoric on the “next pandemic” while Fauci regrets not raining down more tyranny onto Americans.

For monthly activity, we recommend strategically focusing on building support to kill the Con-Con in Congress, and knowing that all activities are local, also focusing on local projects to expose Agenda 2030 efforts, especially the carbon-capture pipelines and the attack on farmers. How have these manifested themselves in your area? Reach out to ranchers and farmers and bring them up to speed on the global attack. Attend related local and state associations such as the Farm Bureau to rally opposition. Host Tom DeWeese, Alex Newman, or myself through the Speakers Bureau to pull together members and nonmember property-rights supporters to help build organization that will kill these globalist initiatives.

We’ve done it before, and we can do it again. Visit our “Stop Agenda 21/2030” action-project page for educational tools and resources to aid you: