JBS Bulletin: September 2022

Stop the Great Reset

“The War on Farmers & Food”

by Gary Benoit, Editor-in-Chief, The New American

A key part of the Great Reset that the global “green” elites are planning is to wipe out independent farmers, gain control of the world food supply, and use that control to control people. This scheme must be exposed and stopped, and an important new tool to help us do that is the September 12 “The War on Farmers & Food” issue of The New American.

Here is a description of the three-article cover package in this issue:

  • “No Farmers, No Food” by William F. Jasper describes the Dutch farmers’ revolt against the power grab while also showing that what is happening in the Netherlands is part of a global plan;
  • “Biden’s War on Farmers,” also by Bill Jasper, looks at the developing war against farmers and food in the United States; and
  • “The Global War on Farmers” by Alex Newman surveys this war in a number of countries throughout the world: Brazil, the British Isles, Canada, China, the Netherlands, South Africa, Sri Lanka, and the United States.

This issue also contains a “Faith, Family, Freedom” article by Tom DeWeese about his and others’ efforts to stop the planned carbon-capture pipeline in the American Midwest that will further harm agriculture. Bill Hahn’s “Last Word” describes what we can and must do to save our farms and head off a full-blown food crisis. (There are other articles too in this issue of TNA, unrelated to the cover-story topic.)

Please use the September 12 “The War on Farmers & Food” issue of TNA to build informed opposition to the Great Reset and the war on farmers and food. Of course, anyone who likes to eat should be interested in this subject when it is presented to them, but in your Birch efforts please be sure to approach farmers and ranchers who are on the front lines in this war.

In addition to magazine distribution, other recommended steps you can take under this agenda item include:

As a chapter project, book (via the JBS Speakers Bureau at Alex Newman’s blockbuster speech “Globalist ‘Great Reset’: The End of Freedom.” All who have heard Alex speak in the past know that he is an excellent and animated presenter who not only convincingly shows the problem but also recommends the JBS solution.

Contact your U.S. representative and senators in support of the American Energy Independence Act (H.R. 6884 and S. 3714). Introduced in their respective chambers by Representative Ronny Jackson (R-Texas) and Senator Josh Hawley (R-Mo.), these bills would, as described by the JBS alert on the legislation, “reverse many of Biden’s destructive energy policies, remove government regulations that stifle energy production, and ultimately restore American energy independence.” That independence, which was achieved during the Trump administration, can be regained simply by changing U.S. policy. To easily contact Congress using the alert, go to