JBS Bulletin: October 2022

JBS Successes

Soon-to-be State Legislators Promote The John Birch Society

by Evan Mulch, Program Director

In my experience coordinating for The John Birch Society, I’ve learned to prepare myself for disappointment once one of our members decides to run for office. When a member gets into campaign mode, he often takes the advice of his campaign manager and starts using dull conservative talking points. If he loses the election, he often fizzles out and never again participates in the JBS. If he wins, it’s sometimes even more of a blow, as he remains a bland, people-pleasing “conservative” instead of becoming the fearless, patriotic Americanist that our constitutional Republic so desperately needs.

However, despite my past disappointment, I’ve recently been able to witness two members who have proven to be fearless Americanists that even Robert Welch and Larry McDonald would have been excited by.

South Carolina members Jay Kilmartin, in Irmo, and Rob Harris, in Wellford, are both on their way to becoming state legislators; they both won their respective primaries and face no major opposition in the general election. Both are also promoting the JBS in front of the crowds of people that they speak to, and both facilitated classes of The Constitution Is the Solution workshop. We should all be proud of them and encourage others to follow their Americanist example!