JBS Bulletin: October 2022

Stop the Con-Con

Get the Word Out!

by Christian Gomez, Research Project Manager

Come January, new state legislators will be sworn in across the country, and the battle against the Article V constitutional convention (Con-Con) will begin all over again. A great way to influence elected officials is to influence the political parties, namely the Republican Party — seeing as many in the GOP have been beguiled by the organization Convention of States (COS) into supporting what they incorrectly refer to as an Article V “Convention of States.”

Inform and influence others, especially those active in your local county GOP, by distributing copies of our two newest trifold pamphlets, “Article V Convention: America’s Answer?” and “Nullification: The Founders’ Solution to Federal Overreach.” Additionally, you should obtain and distribute copies of the July 11, 2022 Special Report of The New American magazine about an Article V convention.

We highly recommend that you buy at least 100 copies in total of both pamphlets (50 “Article V Convention” and 50 “Nullification” pamphlets). Also buy at least 25 to 50 copies of the July 11 Special Report, as either a follow-up item or for those interested in more information.

We recommend distributing these materials — especially the two pamphlets — at your local county GOP office, assuming they have a local physical office. Most GOP county offices should have a free literature table that you can place the items on. In some cases, you may have to clear it with the county party chairman or another county officer before putting material down. Perhaps you and your chapter have already done similar distributions like this at your local county GOP office — if so, wonderful! But if you and your chapter have not, we recommend starting this upcoming month. You may also want to check the offices of neighboring counties where there might not be a JBS chapter nearby. If this is the case, consider “adopting” those offices too, so to speak, in your chapter’s distribution efforts.

Both the “Article V Convention: America’s Answer?” and “Nullification: The Founders’ Solution to Federal Overreach” trifold pamphlets read like mini articles about their respective subjects, giving the reader a jam-packed amount of key information with fewer words than a traditional TNA print article.