JBS Bulletin: November 2022

Members in Action

Members Making an Impact

by Dan Sexson, Field Coordinator for Missouri, Kansas, Western Nebraska, and Southwest Illinois

In my area, there are many recent examples of members — whether working as a chapter or individually — actively Birching in their communities and seeing success.

Sometimes life throws us curveballs: An employer moved a chapter leader and his assistant (also his wife) from the St. Louis area halfway across the country. They had been successful in starting their chapter and growing it through regular video presentations, booths at a variety of events, and giving presentations to other groups, and they held a meeting with their chapter members to pass the baton of leadership. The new leaders of the group have hit the ground running, continuing the video presentations, expanding the information meetings to other groups, and looking for other opportunities. Leadership continuity is very important in our work.

In early October, the chapter in Nebraska that I had originally joined held a watch party to hear Alex Newman’s webinars “Rescuing Our Children” and “The Great Reset.” Though the turnout wasn’t the size they hoped for, the chapter leader said, “Remember, it’s good to be in the fight.”

In Kansas, a member is seeing success by bringing JBS reprints and brochures to nearby Republican club meetings. With his knowledge of the Con-Con issue and armed with our literature, he has been able to change the minds of members of these groups and even some elected officials. This shows the necessity of being active in our local communities, as well as the impact just one person can make.

Another member, whose business is in O’Fallon, Missouri, decided to have a barbeque for his many employees to provide them with an understanding of the JBS. So far, we have gained three new members from this.

In the St. Louis area, individual members contributed financially to take advantage of a great offer from a local radio station to advertise The John Birch Society and The New American magazine. Listeners are responding!

In America, we are blessed to have the ability to use our ingenuity, consider our resources (time, talent, and treasure), and think of ways we as individuals and chapters can have tremendous influence.