JBS Bulletin: November 2022

Stop Agenda 2030

Use Our New Tools to Inform Others About Agenda 2030

by Christian Gomez, Research Project Manager

The ultimate objective of Agenda 2030 can be boiled down to international socialism — total government control at the global level (via the United Nations) over every aspect of the individual’s (your and your family’s) life. Everything, including how much and what you are allowed to produce, consume, waste, and eat, the UN intends to micromanage in the name of “sustainable development.”

Politicians and government officials are heavily reliant on our ignorance to foist these collectivist schemes upon us, which is why the mainstream media does not report on “Agenda 21” or “the 2030 Agenda.” Instead, they repeat the same talking points about how “climate change” is an “existential threat.” This is done to condition people to radically alter their behavior, enabling total control.

To help you inform others about Agenda 2030 so that we can ultimately stop it, The John Birch Society has developed an array of new educational materials. These include:

  • Agenda 2030 and You, a 30-page physical booklet that builds on our original Agenda 21 and You booklet to cover its progression as “Agenda 2030”;
  • “How Does Agenda 2030 Affect You?” trifold pamphlet;
  • “Agenda 2030: Targeting You & Your Family” slim jim;
  • a reprint of the two cover-story articles (“No Farmers, No Food” and “Biden’s War on Farmers,” both written by William F. Jasper) from the September 12, 2022 issue of The New American; and
  • a reprint of Tom DeWeese’s article “Fighting Carbon-Capture Pipelines: Stopping Environmental Idiocracy” from the same TNA issue.

The JBS encourages every member to familiarize himself with all these materials, and to share them with others, especially farmers, who will be among the first to experience the effects of Agenda 2030. Even if you live in the heart of a large city far removed from any farms, this will greatly affect you too. We need everyone to take action.

Distribute copies of these materials to others. For maximum impact, be smart and selective about which materials you give and to whom.

Organize and invite people to watch the 40-minute video “Agenda 2030 Scheme Threatens Iowans With Eminent Domain.” This is a great video to help inform others about the real threat to property rights and what patriots are, and should be, doing to stop it. You can access the video at

For additional resources as well as an extended list of actions you can take, visit our “Stop Agenda 2030” action-project page at