JBS Bulletin: November 2022

The New American

New Tool to Inform and Activate: The Great Reset and Transhumanism

by Gary Benoit, Editor-in-Chief, The New American

The New American has just produced a 100-page special collector’s edition (bookazine) that exposes “The Great Reset and Transhumanism.” That’s the grabber cover headline. But it would be just as accurate to say that this new reach-out tool exposes  the Conspiracy, Deep State, and New World Order. And of course, this new product also provides hope and offers The John Birch Society as the organized means for saving our country.

The bookazine is basically a hybrid between a book and a magazine: bound like a book but in the format of a magazine. It is also loaded with graphics to catch the attention of browsers. Both the presentation and the writing are designed for reaching out to new people and bringing them along in their understanding so that they can become informed and effective participants in the freedom movement through the JBS.

The bookazine’s cover price of $14.95 is intended for newsstand sales and is competitive in that market. For JBS (and other) activists, we are offering steep discounts for quantity purchases to make widespread distribution to opinion molders and prospects practical (see ad on page 10 of the print Bulletin). And for the month of November, we are also offering free shipping and handling when purchasing one copy (see ad on page 9 of the print Bulletin). As always, please follow up with recipients to get their reactions, and, as appropriate, ask readers of The Great Reset and Transhumanism to join the JBS.

Please order your supply of this new tool, either on your own or as a chapter project. And please also note the ad (in the print Bulletin) for Dennis Behreandt’s End Game, which is the natural follow-up for those who have read The Great Reset and Transhumanism and want more information, particularly about transhumanism.