JBS Bulletin: December 2022


Reviewing 2022 and Preparing for Next Year

by William S. Hahn, Chief Executive Officer

How is it that another year is nearly complete when it seems like we were discussing goals for 2022 just last week? The year 2022 will go down in the history books as another year opposition forces spent trying to force tyranny onto Americans. Tyranny took many forms and came from multiple sources. These included inflation (the Federal Reserve inflating the money supply to monetize the ballooning federal debt), Biden’s “Build Back Better” agenda (allowing open borders that let in at least five million illegal aliens), Agenda 2030 (climate-change nonsense that is transforming industries and taking away Americans’ property), election insecurity (a wanton disregard for state-controlled elections by attempting to federalize them), evil being called good and vice-versa (abortion, gender confusion, and a general attack on decency and morality), and much more. The tyranny also included false solutions, such as holding an Article V constitutional convention, using surety bonds to hold school boards and other government entities accountable, and other tangents.

Throughout 2022, the major players in the Conspiracy made many moves to advance the Great Reset. The Council on Foreign Relations is pushing the concept of a multipolar New World Order instead of the American- or Western-led order that globalists in the federal government had advanced post-World War II. This means opening the world order to leadership from countries or blocs such as China, Russia, and the European Union. All of these have publicly made statements to this effect and appear to be jockeying for leadership. Of course, the military moves made by Russia in Ukraine have helped spur this rhetoric. But let’s not be fooled — America’s post-WWII foreign policy has directly contributed to the buildup of China and Russia, and helped facilitate the EU. No matter who leads, world government will directly result in the wiping out of the protections of God-given rights, independence, freedom, what’s left of the free market, and the ability to make free choices in the United States.

While the hard Left continues to erroneously call the stolen 2020 election the “Big Lie,” the label should be permanently affixed to the official narrative of Covid-19. How anyone does not see through this is very concerning, especially since more evidence comes out on a regular basis regarding the devastating effects of the hospital protocols and the adverse reactions of the mRNA injections.

However, amid all of this is growing awareness and resistance to the larger conspiratorial plan. Prior to the midterm elections, pundits had predicted a “red wave.” The disappointing results remind us that simply seeking political change without an educational program is not enough to save our country. We would do well to remember that those elected to office are a direct reflection of the electorate and what it will tolerate. Our Freedom Index scores will reveal whether their voting records match their campaign rhetoric. These — along with our related Congressional Scorecards and state Legislative Scorecards — are tracked at and reflect adherence to the Constitution via votes in Congress and state legislatures.

Throughout the year, members across the country have been distributing the Scorecards by the tens of thousands in their communities. Members of those electorates are finding out just how closely those in office vote according to the Constitution. Each Scorecard offers a brief lesson in the application of the Constitution. For instance, one side of the Scorecard displays the votes cast by the official, while the other side describes the bills and gives brief explanations of why they should have been passed or defeated.

Distribution serves several purposes, including educating the electorate, publicly displaying member activity in the community, assisting with recruiting, and helping build chapter morale. This should be an ongoing activity that over time builds pressure to help elected officials vote according to the Constitution. It’s not meant to be used as a partisan tool, but to guide those in office, regardless of political party, to abide by the Constitution’s limitations on government. After all, they did take an oath, and according to Article VI of the Constitution, all in Congress and state legislatures are bound by their oath to follow the Constitution.

An interesting aside is that prior to the election, the congressional House Freedom Caucus sent a 52-page guide to prospective Republican freshmen, advising them how to navigate Congress if elected. It stated that they should be wary of top leadership and not be swayed to join the “good ol’ boys club.” The guide noted that previous failures of Republican leadership to act will not be tolerated by voters and that the House, if Republicans gain power, will not be run the way former Speaker Paul Ryan and Speaker Nancy Pelosi have guided it. It also urged prospective new members to vote for new leadership. This is the strength of a powerful, educated electorate. Can you imagine what Congress could do (or undo) if its members all abided by the Constitution?

For some JBS members and their fellow Americans in the Midwest, Agenda 2030 met them up close and personal this year. As we have discussed in previous columns, the Big Climate Lie backed with federal subsidies and possibly ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) money has empowered an industry to capture carbon at its source and then pipe it underground. A handful of these pipelines are slated to stretch across five states, ready to rip up very valuable farmland by hook or by crook.

American landowners don’t take too kindly to being told that they will comply with demands or face having the land seized by a private company. Some landowners signed easements, while others sought help and direction from local government. Unfortunately, some local officials thought the battle was too big and too far gone, so they began to capitulate.

But they certainly have the power to stop the carbon-capture pipelines. Tom DeWeese, a JBS National Council member and president of the American Policy Center, helped remind them when Field Coordinator Tammy Kobza brought him to Iowa on a five-city tour, booked through JBS’s speakers bureau. (Tom discusses this tour in the September 12 TNA issue “The War on Farmers & Food,” and reprints of his article are available on Some of the affected farmers continue to be interviewed on TNA video to give updates on the fight. Local governments are taking steps to act, while pipeline companies are beginning to lose court cases (for more on this, see the “Members in Action” article on page 4).

Chapters are educating these officials about the powerful tool of nullification and how they are duty-bound to use it. In fact, the Iowa state GOP adopted nullification as a plank of its official 2022 platform, as well as an anti-Con-Con plank.

Regarding the Con-Con, when JBS field staff were queried on their top 2022 accomplishments, stopping a constitutional convention frequently topped their lists. Members successfully visited legislators and informed them about the dangers of a convention and how nullification is already working across the country. Frequently, these visits occurred the day before Convention of States (COS) held rallies in support of a convention. Members used our available tools and the talking points within them to help persuade the legislators to think critically about a convention, deflating much support for COS.

Another top success that came up from the inquiry was the increased level of chapter activity, with the most successful chapters having continuous Constitution Is the Solution workshops held in their area. Evan Mulch discussed this in last month’s Bulletin.

Other field staff mentioned that recruiting efforts are also a big accomplishment, and chapters increased their community engagement by hosting tables or booths at community events.

This year has been a great year for Birching. More Americans than ever are becoming aware of the Conspiracy and its agenda — and many are seeing this agenda unfold right in front of them.

Regardless of the outcome of the midterms, our Birching work never ends, as there is a new crop of elected officials who need to be held accountable and new people that we can always reach out to in the community. A healthy chapter is one that engages with the community, especially targeting the influencers. One way we measure the results is to track the sales of educational tools from Realizing that shipping rates continue to skyrocket — and government-induced inflation is not getting any better — we’ve decided to reduce our shipping rates and offer free shipping on all product orders totaling over $150 (yes, subscriptions and memberships are included). We’ll also reduce product prices where it’s needed in order to help weather this economic storm, also realizing that our materials shouldn’t sit on a warehouse shelf, but be in the hands of the electorate who will work toward our mission.

From all of us on the JBS staff, it’s been a pleasure serving you in 2022. Let’s make 2023 a blockbuster year that will see many successes and help the electorate prepare for a possible removal of the United States from the United Nations in the coming years. Thank you for all your great efforts!