JBS Bulletin: December 2022

Members in Action

Iowans Fight Carbon-capture Pipelines

by Tammy Kobza, Senior Field Coordinator

When something as monstrous as a carbon-capture pipeline is foisted on the most productive land in America — Iowa — it would be easy to give up. Iowans are fighting powerful entities, including BlackRock, a woke global public-private partner and major funder of the Navigator Heartland Greenway LLC (NHG) pipeline. BlackRock is the world’s most powerful financial institution, with assets nearing 10 trillion dollars. Working alongside BlackRock are other globalist entities, including the United Nations (with its 2030 Agenda), the World Economic Forum, and the Biden administration which supports carbon-sequestration projects. (Additionally, the so-called Inflation Reduction Act included provisions incentivizing such projects.) Their goal: Use environmentalism to take away private property, destroy our economy, and reduce food production.

They are trying to convince us that manmade CO2 emissions are destroying the planet, and this pipeline would supposedly save us from such a demise.

However, Iowans remember their fifth-grade science lessons that taught CO2 was the “gas of life.” All life is comprised of it and needs it to survive. And Iowans know these pipelines are dangerous. Residents of Satartia, Mississippi, are still affected by a leak in February 2020, and other deadly leaks and explosions have occurred.

While the battle is far from over, landowners are encouraged by some significant wins. On November 1, Shelby County supervisors approved an ordinance that will significantly hinder the approval of these pipelines by ensuring that they must meet “separation requirements” of between 1,000 feet and two miles to keep cities, schools, churches, etc., safe. Every county in Iowa will be looking at implementing such an ordinance.

Additionally, a judicial ruling in early October stopped NGH from conducting a survey of a landowner’s farm without his consent. Another lawsuit is charging a Summit Carbon Solutions surveyor with trespassing. And on November 1, Pat Grassley, the speaker of the Iowa House, posted on Facebook that he would stand with the landowners. Some commenters were skeptical of his sincerity, but he was clearly hearing from his constituents.

These successes are encouraging Iowans to defend their property by compelling their county and state elected officials to protect their constitutional rights.