JBS Bulletin: December 2022

The New American

Putting The Great Reset and Transhumanism to Good Use

by Gary Benoit, Editor-in-Chief, The New American

“What’s at Stake?” That’s the question posed in the title of the introductory article in our new 100-page The Great Reset and Transhumanism bookazine. Put simply, if the Great Reset is fully implemented, America will be submerged in a New World Order, freedom will be lost — and humankind will be threatened with extinction. (If the latter sounds like hyperbole, you need to read the bookazine and/or Dennis Behreandt’s book End Game.)

On the other hand, if the Great Reset is stopped, the Great Awakening that is already taking place can lead to a Great Activation followed by the restoration of America.

The bookazine shows that the threat is not only real but is already unfolding. It also points out that despite the seriousness of the threat, there is good reason for optimism. And it recommends participation in The John Birch Society as the most effective way to expose the threat and save our freedoms.

In short, The Great Reset and Transhumanism is a great tool to inform and activate others. Copies will already be on newsstands throughout the country when you see this column, and we expect the bookazine to sell well through that channel of distribution. But the most effective use of this tool will be when JBS members place it in the hands of nonmembers, encourage them to read it, and then follow up! We particularly recommend contacting influencers (aka opinion molders) in your area — anyone with a sphere of influence advantageous to the Americanist cause, including but not limited to local business owners, elected officials, talk-show hosts, newspaper editors, influential professionals, and religious leaders.

With Christmas approaching, you may want to give copies as a gift. But in general, we recommend asking most of those you approach to pay something for the bookazine, not only to help you recoup your own costs but also to make it more likely that the recipients of the bookazine will take the time to read it.

The cover price of the bookazine is $14.99. But to facilitate wide distribution, we are offering steep discounts for quantity purchases.

Additionally, for the month of December, we are offering JBS members an additional 20 percent off the purchase of two or more copies. When ordering on, use the promo code MEMBER20 to take advantage of this offer.

Of course, even with the discounts, the total cost of bulk purchases will still be hefty. This is why we are recommending asking for some amount of money (up to the cover price) from most of those you approach. We also recommend making the distribution of 10 or more copies a chapter project. We don’t want anyone to go broke distributing this bookazine. At the same time, however, we believe placing The Great Reset and Transhumanism in the hands of the right people, and then following up, can be very effective in informing fellow citizens and building The John Birch Society.