JBS Bulletin: January 2023

Get US Out! of the United Nations

COP27: Another Reason to Get US Out!

by John F. McManus, President Emeritus

Last November, wealthier nations — including the United States and Europe — agreed in Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt, to redistribute large sums of their citizens’ wealth to poorer countries and the United Nations. They announced this under the guise of repairing supposed damage done, or soon expected by, “climate change.” At the meeting, the United Nations’ COP27 (27th Conference of the Parties), the delegates argued that carbon dioxide (CO2) has caused severe damage to their lands and will continue to do so. In response, many demanded “climate reparations” from the United States and other nations.

The demands coming from COP27 and elsewhere point to CO2 as the main culprit causing “climate change.” Wealthy nations are accused as its chief creator. A mere two decades ago, CO2 was targeted for causing global warming. When an array of meteorologists, along with a campaign by The John Birch Society, debunked that claim, the leaders of this plot to destroy productive nations changed their terminology to “climate change.” Now, every weather anomaly — heat, cold, hurricane, drought, flood, volcanic eruption, or anything else — is supposedly caused by too much CO2 in the atmosphere.

The truth is that such weather phenomena have occurred throughout history, even before the industrial era when modern machinery and vehicles began pumping the supposedly harmful gas into the atmosphere. Further, CO2 isn’t a useless commodity to be feared — it’s plant food. Its presence helps crops and forests thrive and, when used instead of feared, it and the machinery generating it have made life far more productive and enjoyable for humans everywhere. Yet, the Insiders continue the war to reduce any activity that produces CO2 in the name of combating climate change.

Why then don’t leaders in government, industry, mass media, and even religion, rebel against such falsehoods? Why don’t leaders of productive nations point to the dangerous absurdities targeting CO2? Where is truthful commentary to combat the demands of the Alliance of Small Island Nations (AOSIS), the recently formed group demanding money from CO2 producers? Answers to these questions should focus on the fact that the United Nations is the chief beneficiary of all the lies and misinformation associated with the falsehoods about climate change. (COP27’s full name notes that it is a UN operation.) The term “climate change” was dreamed up by UN lovers who are always working to destroy national and individual freedom in favor of an unchallengeable and tyrannical UN world government.

Perhaps the most prominent dignitary at COP27 was UN Secretary General António Guterres, a former leader of the Socialist International. He proposed creating onerous taxes on oil and gas companies with the gathered revenue delivered to small nations supposedly harmed by climate change. Additionally, the World Economic Forum’s Klaus Schwab had already called for “climate reparations.” And the Biden administration’s climate Czar, CFR veteran John Kerry, joined the throng at the Egypt gathering to support reparations, among other goals of his fellow internationalists.

The January 16, 2023 TNA Special Report gives an in-depth look at the COP27 conference and exposes the UN’s “climate” agenda being used to impose global tyranny. Please see the ad on page ?? for more information.

The response of America’s freedom-loving partisans to this ongoing outrage should be increased pressure on our own government to cancel U.S. membership in the United Nations. Members of the new, 118th Congress, which assumes office on January 3, should hear from constituents that withdrawing from the UN is absolutely necessary if our nation is remain independent and free. Quitting the world body and canceling its ever-increasing control over the United States would cripple the designs of António Guterres, Klaus Schwab, John Kerry, Joe Biden, and other world planners.

Accordingly, please contact your U.S. representative and senators in favor of full withdrawal from the United Nations. Also, urge them to reintroduce the American Sovereignty Restoration Act — both in the House (as last year) and the Senate. You can easily contact Congress using our legislative alert “Get US Out! of the UN” at

Additionally, please continue informing your fellow citizens about the United Nations’ threat to national sovereignty. The reprint “Top Ten Reasons Why the U.S. Should Get Out of the UN” gives a concise explanation of why the UN threatens American liberty and independence. The booklet “America and the United Nations” gives a slightly more in-depth look at the world body. Please distribute both to others, including at any chapter events you hold.

Leaders of the United Nations have continually worked to take control over mankind and impose total power over everyone. Coordinated action is needed to thwart their designs. Let’s carry out the task as if life and liberty were at stake — because they are.