JBS Bulletin: January 2023

Growing JBS

Chapter Activities for Growing Our Numbers

by Kip Webster, Senior Field Coordinator

In 2022, growth in the Northeast continued at a healthy pace through the hard work and dedication of our chapter leaders and members. Our activities have included JBS Video/Information & Action meetings, Zoom meetings and webinars, and JBS information tables. We have also given JBS presentations to several local freedom groups. We estimate that we are educating hundreds of members and prospects per week through these activities, and the number continues to grow as people tell their friends how much they are learning by attending our events. We have also built several new chapters and strengthened many existing ones. There are four basic categories of activity that we are utilizing — and we encourage others to use these to spread the word and grow our numbers.

Video/Information & Action meetings: Over the last several years, we’ve found that the key to our success comes from members inviting friends to our JBS Video/Information & Action meetings. New members regularly tell us how much they enjoy the meeting format that combines sharing a meal and learning the truth about the Conspiracy. They also comment on the quality and quantity of our materials, the tenor of the meetings, and the way the meetings are run. Aside from private rooms in diners or restaurants, meetings can take place in library and hotel conference rooms. Prospects and new members alike voice their excitement about finally having found like-minded patriots with a plan of education and action.

Zoom meetings and webinars: Two of our chapters in New York State are drawing many more members and prospects to their weekly Zoom meetings and monthly webinars paired with monthly in-person meetings and new-member orientations. They have dramatically increased their recruitment levels for the third year in a row. The online events have also proven to be a great way for prospects and members who do not live near a local chapter to learn about the JBS and get active. Many of them have joined the JBS, while several others, inspired by what they learned, have joined and then asked if I could help them start a new chapter in their area. This has led to new chapters in central New York and New Jersey.

JBS information tables: Hosting JBS information tables at street and county fairs represent yet another way to meet prospects and distribute literature. We also hand out flyers for upcoming JBS Video/Information & Action presentations in that area. We gained multiple new members on the spot at fairs this past year — and several more after prospects attended follow-up events.

Speaker presentations: We also bolster our numbers by giving JBS presentations to other freedom groups. These invitations usually occur after someone from one of these groups attends one of our meetings as a guest and enthusiastically recommends us to their group. We have gained many new members in the past year — and have the potential for more — via this type of activity.

This sustained monthly activity is key to our recruiting success and energizing our members.