JBS Bulletin: January 2023

JBS Successes

Being Active Goes a Long Way

by Eli Komai, Field Coordinator for Southern California

When friends put their time and effort toward something, it shows. A member in the Los Angeles metro area spends a good deal of time working with her fellow members on JBS activities, and this had become apparent to members of her local Republican club. Because of this, she was asked to share about The John Birch Society.

This is a familiar story to many. After enough sacrifice, you seem to wear your beliefs on your sleeve. If the people in your life see the love and prosperity stemming from such beliefs, you are often asked about them. This was the case for our friend in LA. She has been setting aside time from her busy schedule to make a big impact by working on the Bulletin’s action points, and those in her local Republican club took notice. After being asked to share about the JBS, she reached into her purse for a copy of the “JBS Eagle” pamphlet, only to find that she no longer had it (she likely had given it to someone earlier). Providentially, I had sent her a picture of a section of the pamphlet earlier, and she was able to deliver the core beliefs of the JBS to the entire club, which received it very positively.

The takeaway from this little victory is to live your beliefs without fear — others will notice. The Society furnishes information and action plans; as we have seen, our actions are our uniform. People will identify us by what we do. Secondly, technology is here to stay. Let’s use it for good. A picture message of the right snippet of Birch material can make a big difference!