JBS Bulletin: February 2023

JBS Successes

Influencing Officials to Step Up

by Tammy Kobza, Senior Field Coordinator

A powerful draw of joining the JBS is our boots-on-the-ground and behind-the-scenes work that we do. Our members know our country needs constitutionalism restored. They know that effective action to rein in the federal government starts by educating themselves and others. Significantly, Birchers in my territory are educating their communities on how important their local elected officials are. They have been using our quality materials to educate their friends, neighbors, sheriffs, city and county officials, and state legislators.

Midwestern states are impacted by the United Nations Agenda 2030 scam of carbon-capture pipelines. Members in my territory have been sharing our materials with county supervisors, educating them on Agenda 2030 as they battle the pipelines (you can find these materials at State legislatures are vital to restoring our Republic, and members have been giving out JBS’s recently updated nullification materials (which you can find at so the legislators will understand their role in stopping federal overreach.

We’ve slid towards being ruled by an administrative state — rather than governed by officials that citizens hold accountable with their vote. State utility and health boards have inordinate power in deciding whether pipelines will go through valuable farm ground or if doctors who don’t toe the mainstream narrative on Covid-19 will be allowed to continue practicing. To regain our representative system of government, members are asking state legislators to revoke that power legislatively. Legislators — not unelected commissions or boards — must make these decisions so that voters can hold their elected officials accountable. We don’t know the outcome of these battles, but inaction is not an option and defending our founding documents compels members to stay engaged. Please join us!