JBS Bulletin: February 2023

Members in Action

Observations From My Activism in Idaho

by Tom Munds, Field Coordinator for Idaho and parts of Montana, Nevada, Oregon, and Washington

I have been active in Idaho for almost 20 years, and I’ve observed that the level of activism at any given time seems to almost be determined by people’s emotional level. Because of a lack of education and concerted action, non-JBS members are frequently divided and focused more on tangents than the root cause of the problems. Additionally, when they don’t see the success they expect, they give up and defeatism consumes them. This separates JBS members from others. Education and concerted action are the cornerstones of who we are. Being “educated” doesn’t just mean knowing a subject matter — it is also the realization that this battle is generational and continual; it doesn’t have a quick fix. Effective chapters and committed active members working together are the key to this battle.

I have been the field coordinator for Southern Idaho for over eight years, and last year received the honor of working with others as my area was greatly expanded. I have been able to work with many chapter leaders and members who truly get it — and they are committed, informed, active, and know how to motivate others. Recruiting and daily action have become a part of their lives.

Sure, as members here would expect, we have many outreach programs such as booths at shows, Speakers Bureau events, webinars, workshops, and a multitude of recruiting efforts. However, members in action means more than simply being educated and taking action based on that education; it also includes the relationship built between each of them, and between them and me. This is the most precious part of any coordinator’s position.

I have learned, at least in my area, that effective chapters and members — although extremely capable on their own — see the greatest results when they have open communication amongst each other. We understand the importance of working together for that attainable goal of restoring liberty, and to continue showing others that the JBS has been right all along and that concerted action through it is the key to success.