JBS Bulletin: February 2023

Rein In Big Government With Nullification

Enforce the Constitution!

by Peter Rykowski, Research Associate and Bulletin Editor

With the current and upcoming legislative sessions in all 50 states, we have a great opportunity to nullify the federal government’s many unconstitutional laws, edicts, and court rulings. Accordingly, please focus on educating your state legislators, local officials, and fellow citizens about nullification, and encourage them to take action and enforce the U.S. Constitution.

One way you can do this is by sharing our nullification action-project page, which we recently renamed “Rein In Big Government With Nullification.” You can access it by going to

In addition to thoroughly explaining the principle of nullification, this action-project page has many resources — including model legislation, JBS/TNA materials, online articles, and videos — that you can share with others to inform them and show how nullification is being used today to rein in government overreach. Most of these resources can be found at Please share this page and its resources with both legislators and fellow citizens.

Also, have your chapter book JBS speaker and constitutional expert Robert Brown to discuss nullification. Holding public events can be a great way to inform others and inspire people to take action, and Brown has a new presentation entitled “Nullification: The Rightful Remedy,” which explains what nullification is, how it originated, and how it has been used throughout U.S. history.

To help spread the word about nullification, we have recorded this presentation and made it publicly available. You can find it at If it’s not possible for your chapter to host Robert Brown in person, host an event showing this recorded presentation. And either way, share the presentation with state legislators and other influential people.

We also recommend that you distribute to your state legislators and fellow citizens the “Nullification: The Founders’ Solution to Federal Overreach” pamphlet and slim jim, along with the “Nullification: What States Can Do” slim jim. These materials concisely explain nullification and give specific examples of how it is being — and can be — used to enforce the Constitution. Their small size and brevity make them handy tools for educating legislators and others. Please have these materials on hand when holding chapter events, including legislative days at your state Capitol.

It is imperative that state and local officials take bold action to enforce the Constitution and rein in government overreach. The federal government has far exceeded its constitutional limitations, and it continues to increasingly ignore the Constitution. The time to rein in the federal government is now. Please take advantage of these tools in your efforts to get them to act.