JBS Bulletin: February 2023

Stop Agenda 2030

Stop Globalism Locally

by Peter Rykowski, Research Associate and Bulletin Editor

The United Nations’ Agenda 2030 severely threatens our individual freedom and property rights — and it is being implemented across our country. However, we can stop this odious globalist scheme locally by taking concerted action.

Legislative sessions are — or soon will be — underway in all 50 states, giving us a great opportunity to stop Agenda 2030-related initiatives at the state level. State legislators can enact legislation banning state and local government entities from implementing policies consistent with Agenda 2030, and from cooperating with nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) that promote Agenda 2030 and “sustainable development.”

For such legislation to be effective, it must be as thorough and specific as possible, naming specific programs and policies related to Agenda 2030, such as “sustainable development,” Smart Growth, wind farms, and zoning rules that discourage single-family housing. Additionally, any legislation must include strong protections for property rights, including banning eminent domain by private corporations. Such protections are key to stopping Agenda 2030 and its related programs.

State legislation could have a big impact. Over 300 localities in the United States are members of ICLEI — Local Governments for Sustainability, an international NGO that promotes Agenda 2030 and “sustainable development.” Additionally, many more localities cooperate with other, similar NGOs and have their own programs to implement these schemes; and many state governments have their own Agenda 2030-related programs.

Accordingly, contact your state legislators and urge them to enact such legislation — and also inform them about the threat Agenda 2030 poses to individual freedom. For an easy way to contact your legislators, use our legislative alert at Also, share this alert with others and encourage them to take action. For a list of resources to share with your legislators and fellow citizens, go to

Additionally, inform others in your community about the global war on farmers. This worldwide globalist effort to take total control of the food supply (and humanity with it) is happening in the United States — and its implementation will directly and severely affect all Americans. It is imperative that Americans learn about this threat, especially so they can take action to stop it.

To spread the word about the war on farmers, distribute the “Stopping the War on Farmers” pamphlet and slim jim, along with the “No Farmers, No Food” TNA reprint. These do an effective job at explaining the war on farmers, how it is being implemented, and what patriots can do to resist it.

Agenda 2030 and “sustainable development” are major threats at the international level, but we can stop them locally through organized, concerted action.