JBS Bulletin: April 2023

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No Substitute for a Good Education

by Arthur R. Thompson, American Opinion Foundation Board Member

We have heard the old adage that charity begins at home. So does education, which is the hallmark of what The John Birch Society uses to start the process of fighting the problems we have in our country. We cannot educate our friends and neighbors and neglect our own children in the process.

Too often, we rely on others to educate our children. Over the years, countless parents have realized, too late, that this can be a serious mistake — and today, more and more parents are learning it.

However, while parents may rebel at the obvious problems of teaching critical race theory and sexual subjects best left at home, too many do not realize that the basics of education have been deteriorating to a remarkable extent. The latest scores published by The Nation’s Report Card illustrate the deep trouble our country is in.

It is not uncommon for public-schooled children applying at FreedomProject Academy (FPA) to be three grade levels below where they should be.

There is no substitute for a good education, and this is what FPA provides. Do all you can to enroll your children in this school and you will never regret, it since it is a classic Judeo-Christian-based education — the kind that your great-grandparents received.

You owe it to your children to sacrifice at whatever level necessary to do so.

As parents, we have an obligation to rear our children for their adult lives. Nothing less will suffice. Once you do this, they in turn will do the same for their children once they start their families. The liberty movement needs them just as much as it needs you.

New-student enrollment starts on April 11. For more information, contact FPA by calling 1-920-749-3793 or go to