JBS Bulletin: April 2023

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Organize a State Sovereignty Legislative Day in Your State

by Evan Mulch, Program Director

We must not forget that the goal of the Conspiracy is to destroy our Americanist constitutional republics and replace them with satanic totalitarian regimes. Currently, we have 50 constitutional republics — states — and a constitutional federal republic — the United States of America. If anyone doubts that states are constitutional republics, simply point out that all the original states were constitutional republics when the U.S. Constitution was established, and then show them Article IV, Section 4 of the U.S. Constitution, which “guarantee[s] to every State in this Union a Republican Form of Government.” A republican form of government is synonymous with a constitutional republic.

The rallying cry against unconstitutional actions of our federal government has often been one for “states’ rights.” As many of us have learned from reading To the Victor Go the Myths & Monuments, “states’ rights” implies that the states have rights under or within the federal government. Contrary to “states’ rights,” state sovereignty means the federal government is held together by the consent of the states. The Conspiracy, in order to trick Americans into living under tyranny, has miseducated the public to use the terms “states’ rights” and “democracy” in place of “state sovereignty” and “republic.”

As members of The John Birch Society, we must move our chess pieces forward by educating Americans about state sovereignty and constitutional republics. When our state legislators take their oath of office, they vow to obey both the U.S. Constitution and their state constitution. By taking their oath, they have publicly committed themselves to preserving state sovereignty and their constitutional republics. If they disagree with this fact, they are either in need of education or are subverting our country.

Each state in the Union needs to hold an annual state sovereignty legislative day to educate elected officials in state government about their duty to preserve state sovereignty and our constitutional republics. In South Carolina, members organized a legislative day on Tuesday, January 17. Due to the decision to organize a South Carolina state sovereignty day, a member of our Society, Representative Josiah Magnuson, introduced a bill titled the South Carolina Sovereignty Act (link to bill:, which now has 24 co-sponsors! During the legislative day, members organized a press conference in the first-floor lobby of the state house, where several state legislators participated as speakers along with a few of our leading volunteers. Throughout the day, our members met with state legislators and told them about state sovereignty legislative day and why it’s important to support the South Carolina Sovereignty Act. Representative Jay Kilmartin, also a JBS member, even welcomed The John Birch Society from the podium of the House floor (link to video:

Our actions did not go unnoticed by those who side with democracy. A statewide South Carolina newspaper, The Post and Courier, took a jab at our event by writing an article titled, “Party like it’s 1832: SC Statehouse’s far right pushes nullification.”

This month, contact your field coordinator and schedule a state sovereignty legislative day in your state! The model legislation in South Carolina can easily be used by a legislator in your state to introduce a state sovereignty act. You too can “party like it’s 1832”!